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Zontes Introduces E125 Maxi-Scooter For Global Markets


The market for maxi-scooters is expanding, with new models continually entering the fray. Among the latest offerings is the E125 from Zontes, a Chinese manufacturer fast gaining traction not only in Malaysia but on the global stage as well. Zontes positions the E125 as an entry-level contender in the maxi-scooter domain, sharing its platform with the larger E350 model.

Focusing on rider comfort for both short commutes and long journeys, Zontes emphasizes the E125’s ergonomic design, aiming to blend comfort with a hint of sportiness. Powering the scooter is a compact 125cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine with a four-valve cylinder head, generating 14.6 horsepower. Enhancing performance and efficiency, Bosch’s MSE 8.0 Electronic Fuel Injection system ensures smooth and reliable operation.

Technological features are abundant in the E125, including a full-colour TFT display offering four modes and Screen Mirroring capability for comprehensive ride information. Additionally, a tire pressure monitoring system and ambient temperature readout contribute to rider awareness and safety. The scooter’s suspension duties include telescopic front forks and a dual rear shock assembly with adjustable preload.

Safety is provided by front and rear disc brakes supplemented by dual-channel ABS. Illuminating the path ahead is a six-focus LED headlight, accompanied by a built-in DRL to enhance visibility to other road users. Moreover, the scooter boasts an electronically adjustable windscreen and handguards for added wind protection.

Set to debut in global showrooms by late January 2024, the Zontes E125 offers an enticing proposition at an MSRP of 19,254 Malaysian Ringgit but that might change if and when the E125 hits the Malaysian market.

Zontes Malaysia launched the ZT350E in 2023, so with the company switching its attention to commuters, the 125 could just find its way here.

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