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Vespa Primavera Batik

The Vespa Primavera Batik was born of a meeting of distant cultures united by a diverse and rare elegance. The timeless shapes of the Vespa Primavera are combined with the themes and patterns of Batik, the traditional Indonesian fabric, obtained by means of exclusive, precious manufacturing processes which are recognised as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The earliest evidence of the art and technique of Batik dates back to the 12th century. This particular fabric, which is either printed or decorated by hand, always uses beeswax. It has its origins on the island of Java and was initially used to embellish the clothing of the aristocratic classes, before spreading through the Indonesian archipelago. Today, Batik remains a core element of Indonesian culture, and is worn on a daily basis, not just for formal events.

Over the centuries, Batik has come to embody a symbolic philosophy, as well as a true means of expression, courtesy of the traditional designs used, which have a different meaning according to the shape or elements they represent. As such, Batik varieties go from Parang Rusak, reserved for royalty and nobility, to Sawat, a symbol of power, Semen, which evokes the symbols of cosmic energy, and Udan Liris, an emblem of fertility.

Vespa Primavera Batik

Batik reached Europe in the 19th century, becoming a bridge between Eastern and Western culture; its exotically elegant patterns influenced key styles such as Art Nouveau, and in the present day, the world of haute couture.

The Vespa Primavera Batik embraces the universal values of this philosophy in order to create a special edition that is an ode to life and joy, to travel and discovery. Its base colour, Batik Green, evokes waves crashing onto tropical beaches. The more rigorous lines call to mind hidden temples, while the Batik decoration unites no less than seven different mystical motifs, originating from the islands of Java, Sumatra and Bali.

Among the themes that the seven different Batik patterns that decorate the Vespa refer to are prosperity and the origins of life, strength and longevity, respect for origins, charm and charisma, leadership and wisdom. These values are naturally associated with Vespa, its history,  and its deep and authentic multiculturalism.

Vespa Primavera Batik

The Batik decorations that adorn the Vespa Primavera are applied using Water Transfer Technology, beginning with the “cravattino”, the characteristic and distinctive frieze on the front, as well as embellishing the opening of the glove compartment on the counter shield and running along the footboard and the Vespa’s flanks. The saddle, in a light brown colour with stitching in green tones, adds a natural feel, recalling the colours of sunny beaches.

The matching top box, which can be customised with Batik stickers (available separately) broadens the functionalities of the Vespa Primavera Batik, adding cargo space and completing the aesthetics of one of the most joyful versions of the Vespa in its long history.