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DJI Avinox Drive System for E-Bikes Launched


DJI is already a famous name for making drones and other video accessories but the United States Congress is seeking to ban their drones. A ban in the US may also lead to a ban in the European Union. So, what does DJI do? Sit down and moan? Not a chance! As such, they diversified to produce the DJI Avinox Drive System for e-bikes.

Utilising their knowledge in controllers and brushless electric motors, the drive unit has a peak power of 1,000 Watts (1 kW/1.34 hp) and 120 Nm of torque. This drive unit weigh only 2.52 kg.

There are two battery options: 600 Wh and 800 Wh. The former weighs just 2.9 kg and delivers a range of up to 120 km. The 800 Wh, on the other hand, weighs 3.7 kg and goes up to 157 km. Both batteries are IP56 dust and waterproof and use GaN fast-charging technology, which helps them charge from 0% to 75% in about 1.5 hours.

Range is of course dependent on how the power is delivered, as such there are five riding modes: Auto, Eco, Trail, Turbo, and Boost. Eco delivers the longest range, while Boost delivers the highest torque while sacrificing range. But, there are also different power modes within those riding modes namely Intelligent Walk Assist, Auto Hold, Hill Start Assist, and Stationary Shifting. There is a pair of handlebar-mounted wireless switches to customise the settings on-the-go.

Included in the set is 2-inch OLED full-colour touchscreen Control Display which functions as a control hub which connects to your smartphone. Through the Avinox app, you can lock/unlock your bike and record your ride data. There is an array of sensors that capture nearly 50 data points, allowing you to customise the contents on the Control Display via the app, including parameters like ride time, range, average speed, real-time power output, and more.

The DJI Avinox Drive System is already in use by the Amflow PL mountain bike. And, it has already won the Eurobike Award 2024. DJI says you can contact them should you want to retrofit it to your current bike.

So, how is that for diversification?

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