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Peugeot Set To Introduce High-Capacity Motorcycles?


Peugeot may be known for its four-wheelers these days but it is also one of the world’s oldest motorcycle company, tracing its origins back to 1898 when it produced its first machine. After a prolonged focus on scooters, the brand made a significant return to the realm of “true” motorcycles in 2022 with the introduction of the PM-01, which available in some markets in 125cc and 300cc variants.

Recent reports though are suggesting Peugeot is ready to expand its motorcycle lineup, evidenced by the filing of trademark applications for the names PM-02, PM-03, and PM-05 in the European Union. These trademarks signify a departure from the brand’s scooter line, hinting at the development of larger-displacement motorcycles.

As a backgrounder and for some context, the Peugeot legacy extends to the early 1800s when it commenced operations as a steel foundry in 1810. Evolving with the times, the company diversified into bicycles, automobiles, and motorcycles. Notably, Peugeot Motocycles operates independently from its automotive counterpart, with its ownership history witnessing a significant shift.

In 2014, a majority stake in Peugeot’s motorcycle and scooter division was acquired by the Indian conglomerate Mahindra. Subsequently, in 2019, Mahindra assumed full ownership, marking a definitive break from its original parent company. In 2023, Mahindra divested its controlling stake to the Munich-based equity firm Mutares, which currently oversees the brand.

Although the PM-01 300 model, featuring a 29 hp, 292cc single-cylinder engine sourced from China, was unveiled in 2022, its production is slated for later this year, with the 125cc version taking precedence. Both iterations boast a distinct headlight design reminiscent of a lion’s claw, paying homage to Peugeot’s iconic mascot. The engine powering the PM-01 300 is manufactured by Qianjiang, featuring specifications akin to those found in CFMoto’s 300CL-X engine.

Speculation surrounds Peugeot’s upcoming models, the PM-02, PM-03, and PM-05, as hinted by the trademark filings, suggesting the inclusion of larger-displacement and multi-cylinder motorcycles. Notably, these plans materialised post the transition of ownership, indicating a fresh direction for the brand.

Following the acquisition by Mutares, Peugeot forged a partnership with French electric motorcycle manufacturer DAB Motors. This collaboration aims to mass-produce DAB-branded electric motorcycles leveraging Peugeot’s manufacturing prowess, while also enabling Peugeot to develop its own line of electric motorcycles using DAB Motors’ technology. Consequently, there’s a possibility that one or more of the newly trademarked names could be associated with battery-powered bikes.

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