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Caberg Tourmax – The versatility of an enduro flip-up helmet

Have you been looking for a functional, comfortable and versatile helmet for your long adventurous journeys? Well, the Caberg Tourmax is the helmet for you!

There is nothing better for a motorcyclist than riding his/her bike to explore new places, new roads, and admire stunning views. Don’t you agree with us?

But what if along the way you encounter challenging off-road paths? We go for it!

Sometimes the most adventurous road journeys are the ones that bring us closer to the unspoiled nature and experience thrilling and exiting adventures; and maybe you’ve just got an enduro motorcycle to ride on all terrain. But what about the helmet?

Which helmet model could offer the best features you need for off road as well as long distance riding? An adventure dual-sport helmet is the perfect solution for you!

Let’s find out what are the advantages and main features of an adventure enduro helmet.

The advantages of an enduro flip-up helmet

When riding on dirt tracks, usually you may encounter every type of terrain and elements on a single ride that you might not be familiar with on daily basis:

Loose dirt and packed sand,
Rocks and gravel,
Tree branches

When on a mud or gravel roads it may be exciting but at the same time it can be very tricky and extremely challenging!

For better protection against all these elements, the enduro helmet should grant coverage at the temples and at the back of the head. The helmet shell should go low enough to protect those areas to completely protect your head. Usually, they are equipped with a peak to provide also the necessary protection for your eyes from the sun.

Therefore, riding with a helmet conceived for motorcyclists who are passionate about dirt or gravel roads, it’s a great advantage.

Most of the times, in order to reach your desired dirt roads, you might have first to cover medium-long distances on paved roadsor ride through congested urban areas in the hot summer days,

that’s why, in this situation the best solution is an enduro flip up helmet:

To ensure the necessary protection you need on off-roads
The advantage of being able to ride safely with the chin guard open ( in J position)

TOURMAX Caberg: the world’s first flip-up enduro helmet

Caberg, the first Italian company to develop modular helmets, has conceived the TOURMAX helmet for those riders who are passionate about enduro and maxi enduro.

TOURMAX: Enduro modular helmet


The TOURMAX, 100% Made in Italy, is the first adventure flip-up on the market equipped with the dual homologation P/J.

With this approval, the helmet is tested and approved with the chin guard completely closed (as a full-face helmet) and then with the chin guard completely raised (as a jet helmet). In this case, the user can drive safely both with the chin guard lowered and raised.

When opening the chin guard of the TOURMAX, the peak automatically moves close to the visor in order to minimize air resistance.

Moreover, it is equipped with a functional locking system to prevent the chin guard accidental closing.

Among the many features of the TOURMAX there are:

Double Visor Tech system (double visor)
Outer clear visor with anti-fog Pinlock lens
• Two wide vents to offer the best air circulation
• Inner lining completely removable and washable
Available in various color versions (solid colors and captivating graphics).

So, how about the Tourmax?

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