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You Can Now Own A Share in Forcite Helmets

Forcite is an Australian smart-helmet manufacturer that’s garnered a fair share of attention over the last couple of years. Its first batch of 1000 limited-edition carbon fiber helmets sold out at $1,599 each, and its most recent product, the MK1, is now available for order at $1,299. Earlier this week, the company made 70 Forcite MK1 slots available for purchase — all of them sold out in 25 minutes. 

Clearly, the company is doing well. Now, it has plans to take things a step further. Earlier today, it released a statement saying, “Demand for our smart helmets has exceeded our expectations and supply since we launched, with over 1,300 units selling out rapidly across two campaigns. We are now looking to scale up in order to fulfill that backlogged demand here in Australia, and fast track our entry into larger, untapped international markets such as the United States and Europe.”

“Also in high demand since our 2019 launch has been an opportunity to invest, echoed by a significant number of our passionate early adopters. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Equitise — to create an opportunity via equity crowdfunding, allowing investors the chance to own a piece of Forcite for as little as $500, in return giving you a stake in our future success.”

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to invest in a startup that’s pioneering new technology. 

The company’s press release also mentioned, “Being a grassroots company with collaborative design and development in our DNA, we’re all about winning together. Equity crowdfunding excites us, and it should excite you too. Equity crowdfunding is a new way of investing. It enables Australians over 18 to invest in early-stage companies they’re passionate about in exchange for equity. It’s simple and quick to invest, highly-regulated, and means you become a shareholder in Forcite, standing to profit and share in our success as we continue to grow.”

The company has received funding from notable sources in the past; in 2019, from Australia’s longest-running research commercialisation fund, Uniseed. More recently, it has also attracted funding from fund manager Atlas Advisors Australia, bringing the combined post-sales funding to $1.2 million.

Forcite Chief Executive Officer Alfred Boyadgis claims the helmet’s technology which warns of road hazards with flashing lights, can reduce the number of accidents and save lives.

It also automatically records dashcam footage of multiple lanes without distracting the rider, without the need for an external device.

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