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Yamaha Japan Admits to Falsifying Testing Data


Yamaha Japan has admitted to falsifying testing data in that country. The company’s executives have acknowledged and apologised for having done so.

Yamaha was among three other automotive manufacturers being investigated for falsifying test data. However, in Yamaha’s case, the company falsified noise level tests data for at least three models namely the YZF-R1, YZF-R3, and TMAX. Yamaha Japan maintained that they did not falsify safety data.

The Iwata-based manufacturer has since halted the production of all three models. The Japan News reported that the company had produced some 7,500 units of all three models combined.

They were the second Japanese vehicle manufacturer subjected to on-site inspection by the country’s Land, Infrastucture, Transport, and Tourism Ministry on 5 June 2024 after the scandal regarding falsified data blew open with Toyota.

Investigations began at Toyota HQ on 4 June 2024, after Toyota-owned Daihatsu was mired in a safety testing scandal in 2023. That prompted a stricter review of data filed by Japanese automotive and motorcycle manufacturers.

Further investigations will also take place at Mazda, Honda, and Suzuki headquarters in the coming weeks.

So far, the Transport Ministry has ordered Toyota, Mazda, and Yamaha to halt shipments of their vehicles. The Ministry will also begin conducting independent tests of their own on all affected vehicles, to ensure that they comply with both existing safety and environmental standards. The results will be made public.

We have contacted Hong Leong Yamaha Motor for clarification if local units are involved and are awaiting their answer. In the mean time, this may not be the end of this saga, so stay tuned.


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