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VELDT Helmets: Customizable Carbon For Your Can

A company named VELDT has taken it upon itself to perk up noggins across the country with customizable helmets – and the options are seemingly endless. 

The French helmet manufacturer has a good reputation for building quality motorcycle helmets that cost a pretty penny.

Now, a software system integrated on their website shows you your options when it comes to decking out your new lid. 

We’re talking paint design and texture, interior, trim, visible screws, and aeration, as well as whether you need a helmet that is ECE or DOT certified. All of this is tweakable to your own personal color palette, and the options don’t just involve the stereotypical paint job. Check out this VELDT lid in silver foil that we found:

Not only that, the VELDT Mark-1 helmet is already well-known for the clever configuration of extra accessories for their base helmet, resulting in multiple choices of helmet styles for the client. They’re just taking everything a step further, 

We took the liberty of getting some screenshots of the process. Ignore the scheme chosen for the helmet…er, the cat walked over the keyboard. 

Prices for VELDT’s customizable helmet range start at $700 USD, and any potential upgrades to the material itself are a surprisingly reasonable price…depending on what you choose, of course. 

Bottom line, it’s worth it to check out their configurator and see if you can’t get that helmet to match your BMW baby in the back of the garage. 

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