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THE FLYON II: The brand-new Caberg open face helmet

Open face helmets are usually particularly suitable for those who use bikes or scooters especially in the city and for short commutes, due to their lightness and practicality. Anyway,

Do you usually like, at the end of the day, to take your motorcycle and go for a ride in your special spot? Are you looking for an open-face helmet for your summer weekends gateways? Would you like to have an open face helmet suitable for your daily commutes as well as for your weekend trips?

If you have been looking for an open face helmet that is versatile, easy-to use, with avant-garde technical features, and homologated ECE 22.06, well, the brand-new FLYON II is the ideal helmet for you!

Let’s find out more about this bran-new Caberg helmet.

The -new FLYON II open face helmet

FLYON II: the brand-new open face helmet with an incomparable comfort.

If you already know Caberg helmet, well, the name “FLYON” should sound familiar to you; In fact, the FLYON II is the evolution of the well-known FLYON model introduced in 2020.

The FLYON helmet was developed to meet the needs of those riders who were looking for an open face helmet without renouncing to comfort and technical features.

The 2 outer shell and eps sizes, have been completely renewed with the addition of a small rear spoiler and 2 hot air exhausts.

The FLYON II maintains the peculiar characteristic of the previous version, that is the wide outer visor that grants a complete protection to the face and the neck. As further improvement, the visor is treated anti-scratch and anti-fog, in order to offer clear visibility under all weather conditions.

Furthermore, the outer visor is equipped with a lateral lock system to prevent unexpected opening of the shield while riding even at higher speed.

The FLYON II wide visor


The FLYON II also features an integrated sunshade small visor, easy to maneuver with the cursor on the left side, that allows an effective protection against too much sun exposure.

FLYON II outer and integrated sun shade visors

The FLYON II is available in 2 shell sizes in order to offer the best fitting proportion between the shell volume and the motorcyclist’s head size. Moreover, the FLYON II can be equipped with the CABERG PRO SPEAK EVO wireless communication system.

The liner, made with the best hypoallergenic and breathable fabrics to grant maximum freshness, is entirely removable and washable.

The FLYON II open face is homologated according to the new EU ECE 22.06; To grant the maximum safety FLYON II passed all the ECE 22.06 tests also with Caberg PRO SPEAK EVO installed.

Is there anything batter than being able to ride with high comfort and safely thanks to the latest ECE 22.06 homologation?

Not only great comfort: find out the FLYON II striking new graphics

Usually, the first things you look for when buying a new helmet are technical and safety features, but look matters too.

The FLYON II open face helmet is comfortable, safe and with an elegant design, accurate in every detail. 

The FLYON II is available in the following color versions:

Solid colors (3 different versions):

Boss graphic (4 different colors combinations):

Carbon (carbon fiber shell with gloss finish):

So, did you choose your favorite color version?

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