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Sidi Mid Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots | Gear Review

Sidi Mid Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boot

In all my years of riding and reviewing products, very little has been as durable as my original Sidi Adventure Gore Tex boots. Despite years of riding through icy winters, blistering heat, torrential downpours and everything else the commuting motorcyclist combats, these boots always performed flawlessly. Better still, they were comfortable enough to wear for working outdoors, hiking in unforgiving terrain and whatever else calls for warm and 100% waterproof footwear.

Alas, after more than 100,000 miles of use, the Adventure boots finally had to be retired—they were getting kind of funky after all those hours. So, based on this positive experience I tested Sidi’s new Mid Adventure 2 Gore Tex boots, which merge many features from the touring and off-road genres into one product. As their name implies, the innards consist of a breathable and waterproof genuine Gore-Tex membrane. The outer construction is Cordura suede and Lyliane full-grain microfiber, the latter reportedly 30% lighter than leather and more durable as well. Two rugged, user replaceable cam-lock buckles with memory retention straps secure the boots on the foot and ankle area, while a standard hook-and-loop system provides adjustment in the calf area. Both boots have a shifter pad on the toe area, as well as durable nylon inner soles with removable arch supports. The back and outer sides of the boots are heavily fortified with TPU for additional impact resistance, and there is a small reflective panel above the heel for added conspicuity at night. As you would expect of a top-line Sidi boot, the build quality is superlative and the styling is appealing from a functional viewpoint.

I tested these boots over my commuting regimen, as well as hiking and snowmobiling, and have no doubt they will last at least as long as my prized original Adventure Gore Tex boots did, if not longer. The cam-lock buckles allow generous adjustment, and the overall fit is extremely comfortable, if somewhat bulkier than a strictly on-road type touring boot. They provided excellent insulation in colder riding, and weren’t uncomfortable in hot temperatures either. Naturally, they are absolutely waterproof, easily passing my “bathtub test” where I leave them standing submerged in a bathtub full of water for a full 24 hours—not a single drop had entered in either the bathtub test or in extensive real-life rain testing.

Initially, I missed the approximately four inches of added height on the standard Adventure boots that are chopped off the new Mid model, but quickly grew to appreciate their lighter weight and ease of getting the shorter boots on and off quickly. Overall, these are an excellent mid-height choice for tourers, commuters, and off roaders alike.

The Sidi Mid Adventure 2 Gore Tex boots are available in black only, sizes 39-50 Euro, and retail for $349.99.

For more information: Call (619) 401-4100 or visit motonation.com

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