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The 10 Best Certified Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

Regular crash helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 69%. Get ahead of the game, and choose one of the 10 Best Certified Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets.

Even if you aren’t, by law, required to wear a crash helmet in your neck of the woods, wearing one makes total sense. While it’s true that you do get what you pay for, at this time, carbon fiber crash helmets are available and affordable.

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Best Half-Shell Option
Daytona Helmets Carbon Fiber Half Shell Helmet

Best certified carbon fiber motorcycle helmets Daytona Carbon Fiber Half Shell

If you want to embrace your inner Jax Teller, make sure the small amount of helmet protecting your head is at least up to the job. Despite its minimal coverage, the Daytona is a capable helmet.

The carbon fiber Daytona meets and exceeds DOT certification. Thanks to its oval profile and moisture-wicking liner, mushroom head profiles are avoided.

Make no mistake; the Daytona isn’t a novelty item. A lot of thought has gone into its design. Combining a contoured liner and adjustable Y-chinstrap ensures the helmet stays right where it should. The contoured rear also prevents it from digging into the neck.

Weight 1.42lbs
Certification DOT
Sizes 3XS – 4XL

SHOP HERE / $156.56 USD


Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Full Face Helmet

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Full Face Helmet

This well engineered crash helmet features advanced aerodynamics and an excellent venting system. The vents allow high-velocity air to flow over the head, allowing cool air in and pulling heat and humidity out.

Another nice feature is the Airfit system. This system allows the cheek pads to be inflated for a customized, comfortable fit. The shell is a resin-infused, carbon fiber composite weave, which makes it ultra-strong but, at the same time, lightweight.

A built-in drop-down sun visor means no pulling over to put on sunglasses. What’s more, thanks to the low drag, wind noise in this Bluetooth-ready helmet is low, making the audio loud and clear.

Weight 3.05lbs
Certification DOT
Sizes SM-XXL

SHOP HERE / $399.95 USD


Best Budget Option
ILM Full Face Carbon Helmet

ILM Full Face Carbon Helmet

How ILM has managed to incorporate so many safety features into this helmet and still keep a low price point is impressive.

At first glance, the shell shape appears basic, but close examination reveals subtle contouring on the top, sides, and back. This design helps to keep the helmet stable at speed.

The ILM also has a removable rear spoiler, a chin skirt to keep the wind out, and comes with both clear and dark-tinted visors as standard. The inner liner is both removable and washable.

There’s even a quick release system to enable emergency responders to remove the helmet safely on either side of the liner. It offers all this for half the price of our Best Overall Winner and is a third of the cost of our Best Retro winner. Better, still yes, it is real carbon and DOT approved!

Weight 2.8lbs
Certification DOT
Sizes XS-XXL

SHOP HERE / $179.99 USD


Best Retro Option
BELL Bullitt Carbon Full-Face Helmet

BELL Bullitt certified Carbon Full-Face Helmet

If anyone’s allowed to tap into their back-catalog for inspiration, it’s BELL. Over the years, BELL has kept everyone from Evel Knieval to F1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton in one piece.

The Bullitt is the helmet of choice for retro riders the world over. However, sticking to that old school shell design also means this helmet is not the most stable at high speed.

To make sure motorcyclists get the best fit possible, the Bullitt is available in three shell sizes. The leather interior and contoured cheek pads have integrated speaker pockets and are removable and washable. Venting is thanks to three small circular mesh inserts on the forehead and one intake on the chin.

The minimalistic design also means that the visor hinges are clutter-free, and a neat feature is the magnetic visor closure. The BELL Bullitt Carbon is the most expensive helmet in the line-up, but heritage, style, and build quality are never cheap. To sweeten the deal, BELL throws in a standard visor and one of their classic bubble visors with every Bullitt purchase.

Weight 2.8lbs
Certification DOT, ECE
Sizes XS-XXL

SHOP HERE / $629.95 USD


HJC RPHA-70 Carbon Full Face Helmet

BELL Bullitt certified Carbon Full-Face Helmet

HJC makes good solid, feature-packed helmets aimed at a mid-price point. Unlike the Bullitt, the HJC’s vents are sizeable and take center stage on the chin, top, and rear. These are controlled by a single chin switch.

The flip-down built-in sun visor is also a one-finger operation thanks to the cable-operated slider on the left side of the helmet. The inner liner is made of an antibacterial fabric that wicks moisture away from the head and is odor-free.

The liner is washable, and the interchangeable cheek pads are quick release to aid first responders in the case of an accident. The liner is also horizontally grooved to accommodate riders who wear glasses.

The HJC is Bluetooth-ready and comes with a chin curtain, breath deflector, and anti-fog visors.

Weight 3.19lbs
Certification DOT
Sizes SM-XXL

SHOP HERE / $476.99 USD


TORC T1 Retro Carbon Full Face Helmet

TORC T1 Retro certified Carbon Full Face Helmet

At first glance, you may think the TORC T1 is a helmet from another well-known maker of retro lids. Its shape and style are very similar. The TORC does, however, have some very subtle contouring on the top and sides.

Having said this, like the BELL Bullitt, the shape of this particular model is not the best for high-speed stability. It does have exceptional peripheral visibility, though, thanks to the large opening.

Circular visor fasteners keep the sides clutter-free, and the T1 features four front (closable) intake and four rear exhaust vents. All of the vents are flush fitting to complement the helmet’s sleek contour.

An American-made helmet, it has a faux suede interior that is antimicrobial and sweat-wicking, a padded chinstrap, and a D-ring closure. TORC takes safety conformity seriously and complies with safety standards in the USA, Europe, Japan, China, and Korea.

Weighing in at 4.6lb, it’s heavy for a carbon helmet but isn’t the heaviest of our line-up. At two-thirds of the top shelf BELL price, you will be happy to pocket the difference. The T1 comes in an impressive 17 color options, including three very groovy metal flake finishes.

Weight 4.69lbs
Certification DOT, ECE, SG, CCC, KC
Sizes XS-XXL

SHOP HERE / $389.99 USD


BELL Custom 500 Carbon RSD Checkmate Open Face

m 500 approved Carbon RSD Checkmate Open Face

BELL helmets need no introduction. And when Roland Sands Design is involved in a collaboration, you know you’re going to see something special.

The Checkmate is an open face helmet with a custom paint job inspired by the custom bike builder and offers a host of impressive features.

The carbon composite helmet is available in five shell and EPS liner sizes to enable an optimum fit. Thanks to its hi-tech antibacterial leather inner, padding is kept to a minimum without compromising safety.

The padded chin strap has a D-ring closure complete with a strap keeper to prevent it from flapping around. You will also find five press-studs on the forehead and side of the helmet to attach a wide range of visors. There is also a goggles-catcher strap on the rear for any motorcyclist who wants to go all-out old school.

Despite being an open face, the Checkmate is one of the heaviest carbon helmets of the group weighing in at a substantial 4.8lbs.

Weight 4.8lbs
Certification DOT
Sizes XS-XXL

SHOP HERE / $419.95 USD


Dainese AGV AX9 Carbon Full Face Helmet

Best certified carbon fiber motorcycle helmets Dainese AGV AX9 Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet

If you’re a bit confused seeing the Dainese and AGV names on the same helmet, don’t be. The Italian motorcycle-clothing giant bought AGV some time ago, and the result is a range of top-shelf helmets.

The AX9 is described as a touring helmet. Yet its styling is more Moto X, so it may be ideal for dual-sport bike riders. As you would expect, the carbon and aramid glass fiber shell is super tough and is designed to be aerodynamic.

The shape also allows for optimum airflow through the three intakes and two exhaust vents. The underside profile is slightly cutaway, making it collarbone friendly. And with four shell and EPS liner sizes, you can pretty much guarantee a good fit.

The oversize aerofoil peak is removable for high-speed work, as is the vast panoramic visor if you want to wear goggles.

Weight 5.1lbs
Certification DOT, ECE
Sizes 2XS-3XL

SHOP HERE / $503.95 USD


Best Overall Option
LS2 Challenger GT Full Face Carbon Helmet

GT Full Face certified Carbon Helmet

One look at the Challenger will tell you it has a lot going on. The helmet shape is wind-tunnel designed to combine low drag with just enough down drought to keep it stable at speed.

There are vents everywhere, and together with channels molded into the EPS liner, suck cool air in and draw warm air out. This consideration is essential for anyone riding in a warm climate.

Everything about the Challenger feels like it’s been thought out, from the one finger operation sun visor to the vent switch on the chin bar. Both inner and outer visors are made from optically correct Class A polycarbonate, so they are tough, scratch-resistant and significantly, won’t distort.

Three shell sizes ensure that getting the right size isn’t a problem, and the inner liner is breathable, washable, and hypoallergenic. LS2 also lists the complete liner as an optional extra. Plus, they also offer a range of inner and outer visors.

The Challenger is available in a range of colors and graphics. However, the basic carbon finish, black model costs less than the BELL open face. When it comes to bang for your buck, it’s easy to see why the LS2 is our Best Overall winner, by a head.

Weight 5.5lbs
Certification DOT, ECE
Sizes 2XL-3XL

SHOP HERE / $399.98 USD


NEXX X.G100 Retro Carbon Racer Full Face Helmet

Retro Carbon Helmet

Retro has never been so popular, and although the X.G100 is a nod to nostalgia, the design, build, and finish is totally modern. Manufactured in a state–of–the–art factory in Portugal, NEXX pride themselves on creating standout lids.

At once, the finish on the X.G. grabs your attention as the close weave carbon contrasts with the flat black center panel, separated by silver coach lines.

The helmet has only one visible vent located vertically on the chin bar, in keeping with the retro vibe. The visor is hinged on uncluttered circular fasteners.

The interior is washable and anti-allergenic. The factory also lists almost every component of the helmet as a spare, so it should last a lifetime.

Weight 3.14lbs
Certification DOT, ECE
Sizes XS-2XL

SHOP HERE / $499.95 USD


What’s the Big Deal with Carbon Fiber Helmets Anyway?

Due to the way the molecules are bonded in the manufacturing process, carbon fiber has an incredible strength to weight ratio. The aircraft industry, military, and motorsports world have made use of carbon fiber for decades.

Why are Carbon Fiber Helmets so Expensive?

The manufacturing process is time-consuming and intricate, so carbon fiber cloth is expensive to make. Add to this the labor-intensive procedure needed to create a complex shape as a helmet, and you can see how the cost mounts.

Why do I Need a Certified Carbon Fiber Helmet?

As tricky as carbon fiber is to manufacture and make into crash helmets, carbon fiber-look finishes are simple and inexpensive to create. Genuine certification ensures that your head is in safe hands, as the helmet has had to meet stringent safety guidelines.

All helmets for sale in the USA have to bear a DOT sticker by law, so don’t even consider buying a helmet without one. The dollars you save are of no use to you when your head is in as many pieces as your look-alike plastic helmet.

Carbon fiber is eight times stronger and five times lighter than steel. A composition that makes it ideal for motorcycle crash helmets and one of our Top 10 Certified Carbon Fiber Crash Helmets will be a perfect fit for you. They may cost more than their polycarbonate counterparts, but they’re way ahead of the game when it comes to the safety and wow factors.

*Products in our Buyer’s Guide section are carefully chosen and we recommend only the best for our loyal audience. Bear in mind that this article contains affiliate links and if you purchase via our links – Old News Club will earn a commission.

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