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Why choose a jet helmet with double visor?

Opting for a double visor helmet it’s a good and very practical choice for motorcycle riders who like to explore roads with assured protection even with a jet helmet.

Selecting the right helmet model for a motorcyclist is crucial. Comfort and safety standards are essential aspects in order to travel safely.

Various are thefactors to consider when purchasing a helmet and none of them should be skipped:

It should be the right helmet model according to your riding habits and needs (Full-face,Flip-up, and Jet).
The helmet should fit properly: comfortable, but still snug.
It should be equipped with the right accessories.

With this article, we would like to focus on a very important accessory that is the visor.

Jet helmet with double visor: characteristics and advantages

Winds, small debris, and bugs can disturb your vision while riding your motorcycle or scooter; that’s why the visor is the perfect solution to protect your face from flying debris that could may come in your direction.

Even when opting for a jet helmet ideal for short daily commutes, it’s important to take in consideration the visor;

especially, a jet helmet with double visors can be the perfect solution.

What is a double visor jet helmet?

As the name itself suggests, a helmet with double visor, besides the outer clear visor, it’s also equipped with an inner sunshade small visor. The inner sun visor can be operated depending on the intensity of the sunlight while riding.

In this way, the helmet can provide protection not only from flying debris or insects, but also enough shade to your face, without the need to wear sunglasses.

If you’re hitting the road when the sun is high, especially in the summer, when you will find the sunlight to be in your line of vision, wearing a helmet with a sun visor gives the eye protection you need, so that the sun’s glare will not blind your vision even if you’re riding towards the direction of the sun.

Even with the outer visor lifted, the sun visor itself can prevent flying debris from going into your eyes.

Choosing a jet helmet with double visor means that you’ll get:

A better vision on the road and therefore improving road safety
More comfort

The Double Visor Tech system for Caberg jet helmets: Flyon, Uptown, and Riviera V4

Many of Caberg’s helmet models are equipped with the DVT system (Double Visor Tech). These helmet models are equipped not only with the outer clear visor, but also with the integrated sun shade visor, easy to operate even with gloves on.

As already indicated, the importance of having shelter from the sun’s rays and always obtaining good visibility also concerns jet helmets. Among the various helmet models available with the DVT system, Caberg offers three jet models that are:




Whether you’ll opt for the high-quality materials and great ventilation system of the FLYON, for the comfort and classic lines of the UPTOWN, or for the really small shell dimension of the RIVIERA V4 you can always rely on the great functionality of the Double Visor Tech system.

Now you just need to choose the right jet with double visor for you!

For the full Caberg jet models range, please visit:

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