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Traveling in Namibia with Moto e Viaggi and the LEVO flip-up helmet

Our friends of “Moto e Viaggi” organize motorcycle tours to explore the beauties of Namibia accompanied by the comfort and safety of the Caberg LEVO flip-up helmet.

The journalist Emilio and the travel agent Cristina, partners in life but also fellow motorcycle passionate travelers, created the Moto e Viaggi blog to share their exciting adventure motorcycle tours in Italy and around the world, in collaboration with prestigious magazines and tour operators.

Among the many exciting tours organized by Moto e Viaggi, the most fascinating one is in Namibia. It’s a 12-day professionally guided motorcycle tour across stunning landscapes, uncontaminated nature, desert, and wild animals.

During the years on their many adventurous journeys, Emilio and Cristina have relied on safety of the Caberg helmets. For this special tour across Namibia, they chose our new top of the range LEVO X modular helmet. Let’s find out more about this helmet.

Levo X: maximum comfort and protection to the motorcyclists

The LEVO X is the flip-up by Caberg, with innovative design and avant-garde technical solutions developed for the most demanding touring riders.

The LEVO X is homologated according to the new ECE 22.06 P/J standard both with the chin guard completely closed (P-configuration) and with the chin guard completely raised (J-configuration) that allows to ride safely also with the chin guard open.

Moreover, the LEVO X features:

A panoramic ultra-wide visor ensuring an amplified visibility in the front equal to 82°:
Double Visor Tech system, with an integrated sunshade visor;
Anti-fog Max Vision Pinlock lens included;
Completely removable and breathable linings;
Ready to be equipped with the Caberg PRO SPEAK EVO communication system.

Find out more about the LEVO X.

Curious to know more about Moto e Viaggi? check out their website.

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