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VIOFO add motorcycle camera

UK car dashboard camera company VIOFO have launched the MT1 Motorcycle dash cam with a dual lens and a host of hi-tech features.

Many riders now have dash cams constantly recording their ride for both recreational purposes and evidence in the event of a crash.

Now, they are becoming more and more technical.

The VIOFO dash cam includes Sony Starvis sensors, dual-lens 1080p, remote control, Wi-Fi, GPS logger, G-sensor, super capacitor, loop recording, IP66 waterproof rating and more.

All this for £229.95 from Amazon UK and Amazon for $US299.90.

Unlike a car dash cam, this unit has to be rugged, dustproof and waterproof for a motorcycle.

VIOFO MT1 is also a dual-channel camera so you can video what’s in front and what’s behind you. And after all, many motorcycle accidents consist of rear-enders from drivers not paying attention.

It records at full HD 1080P video resolution with the Sony Starvis image sensors.

Both lenses have a 170° wide angle which makes it possible to cover multiple lanes and capture more details.

VIOFO also claims their dash cam has “outstanding night vision footage” even in low light.

Early motorcycle dash cams simply recorded everything until they ran out of storage space.

The MT1 uses loop recording where the oldest footage is overwritten by the newest when the memory card fills up.

It will not overwrite any accident-related files thanks to the built-in G-sensor that locks and protects footage automatically when the dash cam detects a sudden shake or collision.

There is an option to begin manual recording in an emergency using the remote control which can be mounted in an easily accessible position to save full evidence.

The remote control also lets riders control the Wi-Fi connection and includes a microphone to record important audio.

The MT1 comes with a 32GB microSD memory card, but memory can be expanded up to 256GB if required.

Riders should be aware that the information stored on this unit could incriminate them if they misbehave as it has a GPS Logger that records speed, route data and time.

The device uses a super high-quality capacitor to ensure a more stable power and longer lifetime in temperatures from -10°C to 65°C.

The included power cable has ACC function to detect when the ignition is turned on and off automatically.

It also features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which together with the VIOFO app, allows users to instantly view real-time recordings, manage files and change settings using their phone.

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