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Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Full Face Helmet Review


As a relatively new player in a busy market, Ruroc sure know how to get your attention. From the launch event in London’s iconic Bike Shed in Shoreditch to the delivery of the helmet, everything is on point.

The event was thoughtfully designed with a great exhibition walk-through displaying various artwork available on the Atlas 4 with helmets displayed for a closer look and feel. People were milling around admiring and checking out the helmets whilst having a drink and a chat.

In the main event area, there was a stage, a bar (always an integral part of any event), shelving with many helmets and a clothing display area by EngineHawk.

Build Quality

I was excitedly awaiting the delivery of my full face helmet to test it and I wasn’t disappointed. The branding is excellent and just opening the box is an experience in itself. They are a bit like Apple used to be in the world of computers. I must admit, the look of the helmet is very aggressive and in matte black, this is only accentuated.

Each helmet comes with a clear and a dark visor, and both are Pinlock ready. The shell is quite big, and I thought I looked like a bobblehead when I tried it on. The material on the inside is plush and lovely, the helmet felt secure around my face but it felt spacious around the top and back of the head. Presumably, this is because of the use of the new safety system and it took some getting used to.

To comply with the new ECE 22.06 certification the internal padding has been redesigned, hence making the fit tighter. Padding isn’t the only thing that has been changed.

To meet the ever-stricter certification, Ruroc are the first to use the super-polymer Rheon in a motorcycle helmet. This helps to reduce the rotational impact forces which is being addressed by the manufacturers in various ways.

The whole build and feel of the helmet is of high quality and it is comforting to know they have been redesigned to achieve the new safety standard. This, however, means that the sizing has changed, too and I had to go a size up for the helmet to fit properly.

Features and Specifications

My helmet arrived with their Shockwave audio system which was super easy to install and it is cleverly hidden in the back of the helmet meaning there are no protruding bits on the outside of the shell. The sound is excellent, clear and strong which made my first ride with some heavy music a joy.

However, with the buttons being so streamlined and at the back of the helmet, I couldn’t control the volume or switch the music off whilst riding. I wouldn’t be able to accept a call and the microphone isn’t active which means you have to press the button on the back of the helmet to talk to Siri.

Nope, that is not possible whilst wearing gloves.

I didn’t get the chance to try it with another comms brand so I cannot comment on a rider to rider comms. Not being able to control the sound system whilst riding is a bit of a flaw in my opinion.

Being a long-distance rider I would have liked the option of an internal dark visor to use with the clear visor rather than having to swap the main one.

The strap is magnetic which is unusual and to be honest, not entirely sure how I feel about it. I mean, it’s ace because there is no fiddling like with the D-ring and to undo it you simply pull on the red toggle. Of course, Ruroc have done their testing and it is safe and secure but it does take some getting used to and for you mind to trust it.

The field of view is excellent for those that have good vision. Unfortunately, I wear spectacles when riding so my FOV is limited by my glasses and their frames. However, take these away and you get an amazing field of vision. The side vision is wide and you can see so much more with your peripheral vision. The visor is well designed and looking down to the dash means only a minimal head movement.

The weight of the helmet is on a heavier side to what I am used to, at 1.8kg but the weight is distributed well and you don’t feel it even after a full day’s riding.

The shape of the helmet is big, as mentioned. There is more space at the top of the head but if fits nice and snug around the face and the back of the head. This makes it for a larger shape than most helmets on the outside.

Comfort, Airflow, and Noise Management

The first couple of rides were in sunny but extremely windy weather in February with temperatures not much above zero celsius. Despite closing all the vents the helmet is great at air circulation and I can imagine how that will be great in the summer months but I didn’t exactly appreciate it in the freezing cold.

Needless to say, my nose and face were a bit frozen at the end. The whole experience was one of comfort and I can imagine the good ventilation will be very much welcome in the warmer months.

There is a vent in the chin which opens and closes from the inside, one at the top of the head and two at the back, that are always open. Despite closing both, there was still a fair amount of air coming through and I didn’t think the vents closing system was very effective. There was no whistling from the wind like I’ve experienced it with some helmets but I do think this contributes to the helmet being rather noisy as you can’t stop the flow of air completely.

Naturally, because of the wind, the helmet was quite noisy however, it definitely isn’t the nosiest of the ones on the market. I always ride with earplugs and the wind noise was prevalent on top of the mountain. When I rode through the more sheltered areas, the noise drastically dropped which made the ride much more pleasant.

In my opinion, it is very much a short ride style helmet, perfectly at home in a city and for fun rides. I wouldn’t use it for long tours and it definitely won’t replace my favourite one. Whilst I do love the look of it I feel it is very masculine and I felt it was just a little too big and too aggressive for me.


Funky looks
Upgraded safety
Good choice of artwork and visors


Wind noise
Matte finish is hard to keep clean
Internal comms can’t be managed on the go


Manufacturer: Ruroc
Price (When Tested): Price from GBP 375 (USD 488)
Alternative models & colors: Atlas 4 comes in a variety of artwork to choose from. Atlas 3 is its predecessor.
Sizes: XXS, XS, SM, ML, L/XL, XL/XXL
Review Date: March 2022

Important Links / Where to Buy

Only Available through Ruroc

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