Royal Enfield Releases Schedule for 120th Anniversary Limited Edition Helmets

Happy 120th, Royal Enfield!

With the company’s celebrations, the Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturers have given us an exclusive range of top-quality, limited edition helmets

12 helmets have been created for the occasion – one for each decade of work that Royal Enfield has been giving the masses beautiful bikes to swing a leg over.

The first two are already on Royal Enfield’s official website, but they won’t be around long – Access to buy the first helmet will be opened in 1 day and 30 minutes from now, so be sure to go check them out!

RideApart states that each helmet’s availability will emerge in pairs for every week of 2021’s Q4 – the last showing up for the 24th of November. 

As always, these limited edition helmets are all handmade – so if you’re not the type to let them get dusty on a shelf, you’re guaranteed a good lid for the can.  

Here’s the Helmet Release Schedule (and year run-down) for a quick skim:

Helmet 1:

Representing 1900s

*Available within the next 24 hours*

Helmet 2:

Representing 1910s

*Available within the next 48 hours*

Helmet 3:

Representing 1920s

*Launching the 25th of October*

Helmet 4:

Representing 1930s

*Launching the 27th of October*

Helmet 5:

Representing 1940s

*Launching the 1st of November*

Helmet 6:

Representing 1950s

*Launching the 3rd of November*

Helmet 7:

Representing 1960s

*Launching the 8th of November*

Helmet 8:

Representing 1970s

*Launching the 10th of November*

Helmet 9:

Representing 1980s

*Launching the 15th of November*

Helmet 10:

Representing 1990s

*Launching the 17th of November*

Helmet 11:

Representing 2000s

*Launching the 22nd of November*

Helmet 12:

Representing 2010s

*Launching the 24th of November*

Make sure to stay posted for this – I personally can’t wait to see the helmets for Y2K. 

Stay speedy, stay safe; and while you’re here, have a read of more articles we’ve curated on Royal Enfield’s gorgeous beasties.

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