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Flip-up helmets with dual P/J ECE 22.06 homologation

Caberg offers various flip-up helmets homologated according to the dual P/J ECE 22.06 homologation standard. Let’s see the advantages and find out which flip-up model is perfect for you!

For you a holiday isn’t a holiday without your motorcycle? Usually, your ideal week end plan is to take your motorcycle and go on a fantastic trip.  Do you get thrilled whenever it’s about “a two-wheels holiday”? well, if your answer is yes, we completely understand!

It seems you are a motorcycle touring enthusiast as well! We are pretty sure therefore, that you’ll be looking for a helmet that combines comfort, high safety standards, and ease of use, especially for long and enduring journeys.

A modular helmet, equipped with a liftable chin guard, is usually the most suitable solution to accompany you on your adventures. This is provided that you have obtained the dual P/J approval. What does it mean? Let’s find out together!

Dual P/J flip-up helmet homologation: what’s it about?

As already mentioned, modular helmets (also called flip-up helmets) are characterized by the presence of a chin guard that can be raised or lowered, depending on your needs.

With the chin guard lowered, both the head and chin are protected, just as it happens with full-face helmets, while with the chin guard raised, protection only concerns the head. Thanks to a release button on the front, the flip-up helmets give the possibility of switching from one configuration to another even while on the move.

However, in order to use the helmet on the road both with the chin guard open and/or with the chin guard closed, it is essential that the modular helmet has the dual P/J standards approval.

Flip-up helmets can be homologated for use on the road with three different certifications:

J certification (JET) This means that the flip-up helmet is approved only as jet helmet (open) so the chin guard is never protective for the chin and face.
P certification (Protective) This means that the flip-up helmet is approved only as a full-face helmet. In this case the user must always have the chin guard lowered/closed with the vehicle in motion and will open the chin guard only when it is stopped.
Dual P/J certification: This means that the flip -up helmet is simultaneously approved as a full-face and jet helmet. In this case, the user can drive safely both with the chin guard lowered or raised.

All Caberg flip-up models are P/J approved according to the latest ECE 22.06 safety standards. This means that all our flip-up models have passed the test and requirements of ECE 22.06 homologation both with the chin guard completely closed and also with the chin guard completely raised.

Caberg flip-up helmets offer high safety standards and maximum comfort in all weather conditions and especially during long journeys.

Being able to use the helmet in both configurations means, for example, having the possibility of raising the chin guard during low-speed routes and closing it when the speed increases. Or open the helmet to reduce the sensation of heat, but close it again in case of a sudden rain.

So, do you already picture yourself while riding your favorite mountain road, or discovering new destinations by the sea or in the countryside, wearing your modular helmet with double P/J approval?

So, let’s now find out something more about the Caberg modular helmets that have obtained ECE 22.06 approval.

Caberg flip-up helmets with dual P/J homologation

Caberg has an extensive experience in the modular helmets sector, being the first Italian company to have introduced them on the market, already in the early 1990s.

Nowadays, Caberg offers various modular helmet models with dual P/J ECE 22.06 approval. This is because we know very well that motorcyclists have different needs and tastes.

But let’s now see which model is right for you!

LEVO X and HORUS X: for the most demanding riders

The LEVO X and the HORUS X modular helmets, conceived for the most demanding riders, combine innovative technical solutions and maximum comfort.

Both models are equipped with a panoramic ultra-wide visor that offers one of the best wide fields of view in its category due to the amplified visibility in the front part equal to 82°.

Moreover, they feature an integrated sun shade visor (double visor tech) and an antifog Pinlock Max Vision Lens. Thanks to the inner space set for the microphone and speakers, both models are ready to be equipped with the Caberg PRO SPEAK EVO Bluetooth communication system.

The LEVO X helmet is available in the fiberglass version and the Carbon version, while the HORUS X is in thermoplastic.

DUKE X e DUKE EVO: Aggressive look and maximum comfort

The DUKE X and DUKE EVO helmets features innovative technical solutions, the ECE 22.06 high safety standard, as well as a captivating and aggressive design.

Are you ready to take on a new adventure with the comfort of the integrated sunshade visor

breathable fabrics and a bold and distinctive look?

TOURMAX X: for enduro enthusiasts

The TOURMAX X is the first flip up adventure helmet on the market conceived for all the enduro enthusiasts. The TOURMAX X comes with a peak as the traditional off-road helmets, but also with the dual homologation P/J which allows to ride with the chin guard opened. the TOURMAX X is the ultimate adventure companion for your rides both on and off-roads.

Flip-Up Tourmax X


Well, as you have seen, Caberg offers a wide range of models to meet all different riding needs. Which helmet suits your traveler spirit the most?

To learn more about the entire Caberg flip-ups range, please click here.

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