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DRIFT EVO II: The brand new Caberg full-face model

Caberg is glad to present the DRIFT EVO II, the top of the range full face helmet with a modern and sport-inspired design.

For us motorcycle enthusiasts, a helmet is so much more than a simple accessory; It’s not only essential for our protection and safety while riding, but it’s also a way to express ourself.
Being our riding companion, it’s our business card as it shows our sporty and bold personalities.

For these reasons, your helmet must ensure you maximum protection, and comfort, and reflect your personality.

There is nothing better than the Caberg DRIFT EVO II: the brand-new top of the range full face helmet that combines all these characteristics.

DRIFT EVO II: Caberg new top of the range full face


With a sleek design, advanced aerodynamics, and the latest ECE 22.06 homologation standards, the DRIFT EVO II offers everything you need in terms of safety, comfort and style.   

Following the huge success of the previous model Drift Evo, the DRIFT EVO II is the evolution characterized by a sport-inspired look and avant-garde technical features, such as the CABERG SOS MEDICAL ID integrated safety device.

Are you curious to know more about it? Let’s see all the characteristics

A perfect combination of style with functionality: here, all the features of the DRIFT EVO II helmet

The DRIFT EVO II helmet is the result of a carful development process focused on functionality and design.

The rear spoiler not only gives a sporty and aggressive look to the helmet, but it helps also to enhance aerodynamics at higher speed, and to reduce turbulences.

The outer shell is made of fiberglass, but there are available also versions in Carbon fiber in order to reduce the weight even more.

The DRIFT EVO II features a transparent anti-scratch visor and an anti-fog adjustable Pinlock Max Vision 70 lens (included in the box) offering optimal vision also in low-light rainy conditions.
The brand-new visor mechanism allows visor self-adjustment to guarantee a close contact of visor and window beading.
In order to avoid the visor sudden opening during a ride, the DRIFT EVO II is equipped with a visor central locking system and opening button that consents to stop the visor leaving a minimum opening to avoid fogging.

Moreover, the DRIFT EVO II features an integrated anti-scratch sunshade visor DVT (Double Visor Tech) that offers great vision also with intense sunlight and it’s easily maneuverable with a lateral lever also while wearing gloves.

Another key feature of the DRIFT EVO II is the advanced ventilation system to ensure an optimum air circulation while riding, thanks to:

2 vents on the chin guard;
2 vents on top to channel fresh air inside the helmet;
4 rear extractors;
An air channel system to drive fresh air inside the helmet and favor the discharge of hot and stale air.

the inner lining, made with the best hypoallergenic and transpiring fabrics to grant maximum freshness, is entirely removable and washable. The cheek pads are equipped with a quick release system that allows an easy and safe removal also in case of emergency while the helmet’s still being worn just by pulling the red strips. Moreover, the cheek pads have been ergonomically shaped to permit the accommodation of glasses.

The DRIFT EVO Il is ready to be equipped with the Caberg Pro Speak Evo communication system that allows you to listen to music, to stay connected with your riding partner or passenger up to a distance of 200m, but also to connect to a GPS system.

Ride safely with CABERG SOS MEDICAL ID

An exclusive news in terms of safety is the CABERG SOS MEDICAL ID device integrated in the helmet.

The CABERG SOS MEDICAL ID device, thanks to NFC technology, allows you to store your personal data, medical records, and emergency contacts through your smartphone. In case of emergency or if you do not feel well, responders will be able to scan with their smartphone the SOS MEDICAL ID logo on your helmet in order to retrieve your crucial data and notify your emergency contacts of your location via SMS. 

Show off your style with the DRIFT EVO II 

The DRIFT EVO II is Caberg’s premium racing helmet designed and developed to excel your performance available in many captivating solid colors and graphic versions.

Let’s find out:

Solid colors (White and Matt Black);

Carbon (Carbon fiber shell);

Carbon Nova (Carbon fiber shell with graphic in 2 color combinations);




Well, have you decided which one is your favorite?

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