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SMK Titan Carbon Motorcycle Helmet | Gear Review

SMK Titan Carbon motorcycle helmet in Nero Red graphic.

Founded in 1972 by brothers in a small garage in India, SMK Helmets has grown over the past 51 years to become one of the world’s largest motorcycle helmet manufacturers. The brand is relatively new to the U.S. market, but it offers a full line of helmets, including full-face, modular, open-face, and off-road models.

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In the full-face segment, SMK’s top-of-the-line model is the Titan Carbon. (A non-carbon version of the Titan is also available.) For weight reduction and impact resistance, the Titan Carbon outer shell material comprises carbon fiber composite and energy impact resistance thermoplastic (EIRT). An inner liner consisting of multiple densities of expanded polystyrene provides additional impact absorption, and the helmet is both ECE and DOT certified.

SMK says its helmets are designed and wind-tunnel tested to minimize drag, lift, and wind noise. The Titan Carbon holds up in the first two areas better than the last. On a Yamaha MT-09 SP naked bike on the interstate at 80-plus mph, I didn’t feel much buffeting with the 3.7-lb size XL I tested, but there was noticeable wind noise, which increased slightly with the top vent open, but earplugs mitigate that.

SMK Titan Carbon motorcycle helmet in Nero Red graphic.

In terms of ventilation, the Titan Carbon has a chin vent, a top vent, and four exhausts. Both vents are easy to open and close, but a middling amount of air flows through the helmet with them both open. The interior is more comfortable on a warm day after removing the chin curtain and breath deflector.

The drop-down sunshield comes down far enough for good visibility while allowing a small gap to make it easy to read instruments on the dash, but the tinting is too light to reduce sun glare much. The faceshield locks and unlocks easily with a pushbutton above the chin vent, and the shield can be removed with a pair of quick-release levers that are simple to operate. A Pinlock anti-fog insert is included.

SMK Titan Carbon motorcycle helmet in Nero Blue graphic.
SMK Titan Carbon motorcycle helmet in Solid.

The Titan Carbon has a hypoallergenic liner with moisture-controlled fabric that keeps my head relatively cool and dry, even in the low 90s. The liner is removable and washable, and overall, the helmet fits quite comfortably, with no pressure spots on my intermediate-oval head. The helmet is secured with an adjustable quick-release ratcheting chinstrap.

Overall, despite wanting more ventilation and a darker sunshield, the SMK Titan Carbon is a well-made, feature-rich motorcycle helmet at an affordable price. It comes in solid (no color) for $279.99 and the Nero graphic in red or blue for $289.99. Available sizes are XS-2XL.

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