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Caberg helmets graphics: care for details and originality

Caberg offers various captivating and original graphic designs, made with the outmost attention to every detail.

We’ll never get tired to stress out that a motorcycle helmet ought to be the first item on the list of safety equipment for every motorcyclist: motorcycle safety is essential.
However, a motorcycle helmet is also something very personal: your travel companion and an extension of your personality and style.

At Caberg, once we have finished to develop a new helmet model that is first of all safe and comfortable, we then focus on the development of the graphic design styles.

Caberg and the attention to graphic details

Each Caberg graphic design is the result of passion and meticulous attention and care to details.
In fact, besides setting the basic style design, we passionately pay close attention to every graphic detail from colors shades to finishes. In this way we are able to craft unique and original designs.
We use high quality printing and application materials to achieve optimum results that last over time.
That’s why our graphic designs are thus detailed and precise with vivid and well-defined colors.

Some steps of the graphic application process

The helmet graphic design you choose expresses your style

Whether you like unusual and original styles or the classic one, we are sure that the look of the helmet is important to you. That’s why, Caberg offers you many different graphic designs from the most audacious and colorful ones to the more classic and elegant versions.

Caberg helmets: some of our 2024 collection graphics designs

The complete Caberg helmets 2024 range from flip-up to open face models, is available in many solid color versions as well as various geometric graphic designs.

The LEVO X Manta and FLYON II Boss geometric graphic designs

Among the many graphic designs available, the most originals ones are:

The DRIFT EVO II Crok, with a bold and unique graphic design (model available starting from May 2024);



The AVALON X Track, with a colorful and captivating design;



The AVALON X Punk, with a bold and funky design;



The RIVIERA V4 X Muse, with a delicate and captivating graphic version;



So, now it’s time for you to browse and choose the perfect graphic design for you!

Discover the complete 2024 Caberg helmets range

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