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Caberg celebrates 50 years of innovation in producing motorcycle helmets

2024 is an important milestone for CABERG as we get to celebrate our Golden Anniversary. The history of Caberg, is one of challenges, passion for innovation, and safety culture in the helmets production process.

Started in 1974 in Bergamo, Caberg made its way and achieved success nationally and worldwide becoming synonym of innovation, safety, and quality in the world of motorcycle helmets.

The history of Caberg: A 50-years story in producing helmets

50 years of experience and a huge passion for what we do with the main goal to craft quality, safe, and comfortable helmets. This commitment has reflected in a long path marked by many innovative products that often have anticipated the needs and expectations of the motorcyclists.

This allowed us to offer a complete range of quality products that meet customers’ needs: avant-garde, safe, and stylish helmets. All the Helmets of the 2024 collection are homologated according to the latest ECE 22.06 standards.

Some relevant key facts:

Every story has a beginning and for Caberg, it’s dated back to 1974 with the introduction of the first full face helmet “Articolo 100”.

The Articolo 100: the first Caberg helmet

From that moment onwards, many are the innovative products that have followed here’re some most significant ones:

In 1992 Caberg was the first Italian company, and second worldwide, to launch on the market a flip-up helmet: the unique and unforgettable “292 Unlimited” model;
In 1998 Caberg introduced the innovative “Just one”, the first flip-up helmet on the market that allowed to open the chin guard with just a single button;
2002 is the year of the “Downtown”, a pioneer open face helmet equipped with a second integrated google shaped visor;
In 2003 Caberg presented the “Justissimo”, an exclusive flip-up that could be easily converted from a flip up into an open face, equipped also with the integrated sun shade visor;
In 2005 Caberg released the model “Solo”, the first full face helmet equipped with the second integrated sun shade visor;
In 2014, ahead of its time, Caberg introduced the “Tourmax”, the world’s first flip up dual-sport helmet.

These are some of the key products Caberg developed during the past 50 years. A line of products based on effort and striving for quality, safety and comfort.

Caberg’s latest releases: The DRIFT EVO II and the SOS Medical ID

Coming back to the present, which are the latest Caberg news?

Right on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary, Caberg is glad to present the DRIFT EVO II, the brand-new full-face helmet. Available in fiberglass as well as in the Carbon version, this new top of the range full face helmet combines a sport-oriented design with avant-garde technical solutions.

The brand-new DRIFT EVO II

The DRIFT EVO II helmet is equipped with the innovative SOS Medical ID technology to ensure higher safety for all the motorcyclists.


Caberg SOS Medical ID

This device allows you to store your personal data, medical records, and emergency contacts, that could be useful to the rescuers in case of emergency or accident. 

Safety and sustainable helmets production:

Safety is one of our top priorities, as demonstrated for example with the SOS medical ID. The presence of an internal certified test laboratory, guarantees successful conformity routine tests according to the latest ECE 22.06 homologation standards, and enables to keep testing new materials and innovative technical solutions.

At Caberg we are very attentive to environment sustainability as well as Human rights. Our company complies with environmental laws, by adopting policy commitments to meet our responsibility to respect environment, by raising awareness about energy conservation and properly manage waste. Moreover, Caberg adopted a policy to protect and safeguard human rights.

In conclusion, it has been an incredible 50-year journey full of challenges, passion, and success. 50 years that represent an important milestone reached, but also the starting point for new, versatile, and challenging products.

It’s been a great journey and we are proud to celebrate this important milestone with you, as valuable and loyal customers, who chose our products; this is what keeps us motivated towards new and exciting goals and strive for quality even more.

Eager to see what the next 50 years will bring.

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