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AVON Trailrider Tyre Review

Avon Tyre made its first motorcycle tyre in 1911 and 110 years later the plant in Wiltshire, UK, is still going strong.

As many owners of adventure bikes will relate to, getting quality rubber in matched pairs is not as easy as road bikes, so when the CFMoto 650MT finally needed new rubber, the new Avon Trailriders appeared to be a great option.

Importer Pro Accessories provided a pair for review at a favourable price.

The triple-compound Trailriders are described as 10% offroad and 90% road.

The tread is over 5mm in the centre of the tyre and tapers off to just a couple of mm of tread depth on the edges, which offers great stability while cornering, while also offering excellent wear and grip characteristics under all conditions.

So far, they have performed extremely well in both wet and dry conditions on the road. The tyres have been exceptionally quiet, for a ‘chunky’ tread design and the stability under all conditions has been without question.

The main interest for this type of tyre is their ability to handle a dirt road and possibly less favourable conditions.

For this test, we headed south from Brisbane on the Ripley Rd with a myriad of surfaces as it winds its way through the hills towards the town of Beaudesert.

We started out with 33psi front and 35psi rear, as per the recommended road pressures, but dropped them to 27 front and 29psi rear for the dirt.

The levels of grip and predictable sliding was quite encouraging. 

I tested out the non-switchable ABS (on purpose!) and the control even at reasonable speeds and under heavy braking was excellent and controllable.

I believe the pressures could be lowered another 2psi and it would improve further.

The AVON Trailriders proved to be very capable offroad tyres, with a very comfortable ride under all conditions so far. 

We will update with wear characteristics in a few thousand kilometres.

Note: For those riders looking for a version with more offroad bias, please see AVON’s Trekrider range.

As tested:

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