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AVALON X: the Caberg full face helmet with a sport-inspired design

The Caberg full face helmet combines a modern look and captivating graphics with safety, as required by the lasted ECE 22.06 homologation standards.

We, as motorcyclists, consider the helmet our inseparable travel companion. For this reason, it’s important that the helmet meets our safety and comfort needs, but also reflects our style.

If you are looking for a helmet with full protection, a sporty soul, and bold and captivating graphics, well the AVALON X is the ideal helmet for you!

Let’s discover the AVALON X full face, one of Caberg news for 2023!

The brand-new Caberg Avalon X full face


AVALON X: Comfort, sporty soul, and safety

The sport-inspired design of the AVALON X is the first thing that catches your yes!

The AVALON X helmet combines a bold and stylish design with great comfort, thanks to the many features available:

Two Shell Sizes to offer the best fitting proportion between the shell volume and the motorcyclist’s head size;
Anti-scratch visor prepared be equipped with an anti-fog lens, and an inner sunshade visor DVT (Double Visor Tech);

Inner sunshade visor DVT


Adjustable air vents on top and on the chin guard to ensure the incoming of fresh air;
Rear air extractors and the spoiler to favor the air recycling by discharging hot and stale air;
Entirely removable and washable lining, made with hypoallergenic and breathable fabrics;
Chin strap with micrometric buckle for easy regulation;
Removable nose shield and chin curtain

Whether you like to ride as a group and you need to be able to communicate with your fellow motorcycle riders or you prefer to ride on your own but with music playing in the background, the AVALON X with the PRO SPEAK EVO wireless communication system will meet your needs.

Thanks to the inner space set for the microphone and speakers, the AVALON X is prepared to be equipped with the Caberg PRO SPEAK EVO wireless communication system.

PRO SPEAK EVO communication system


And what about safety? To ensure maximum safety, the AVALON X helmet has passed all the requirements set by the EU regulation ECE 22.06

Stand out from the crowd: check out all Caberg AVALON X graphics available

After seeing the safety and various features of the AVALON X , let’s now look at the design and personal taste.

Do you think there’s nothing better than the elegance of a solid color? Or instead, do you think that going unnoticed is not an option?

Lets’ look at the various AVALON X colors versions available:

Solid colors: (Matt Black and White);

Kira (in 2 color combinations);

Optic (in 4 color combinations);



So, after seeing them all, which is your favorite one?

Find out more about all the features and colors available of our brand-new AVALON X full face at:

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