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American Honda Halts Sale of Three Models


American Honda halts the sale of three models, pending the completion of recalls. They are 2017-2024 Gold Wing, 2018-2020 CBR600RR, and 2018-2019 CBR1000RR.

Honda America’s letter to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the company had been supplied with potentially faulty fuel pumps. The impeller of these pumps may warp when exposed to petrol due to improper moulding. Should this happen, the pump becomes inoperative hence causing the engine to not start at all, or worse, stall while the motorcycle is under way.

Possible symptoms include intermittent loss of power, engine stalling, or the engine has difficulty being started or not at all. The pump was supplied by Denso International America.

Honda says 17,374 bikes may be affected. These represent about 10% of the total number of the three models.

The company began receiving reports of such problems way back in August 2019. Dealers had reported that their new bikes could not start up during setup, prompting Honda to investigate. By February 2024, 142 warranty claims had been registered.

American Honda soon instructed its national dealership network to halt the sales of the aforementioned models, regardless new or used, until they replace the affected fuel pump.

A check in the Honda Big Bike website in Malaysia makes no mention of the issue nor recall campaign.

We should also mention that recalls by manufacturers is not necessarily a bad thing. It is better for them to issue such measures rather than sweep issues or potential issues under the rug.

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