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Yamaha Announces 2023 Off-Road YZ Lineup

2023 Yamaha YZ125X in Team Yamaha Blue

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, has introduced the new 2023 lineup of YZ off-road motorcycles. Designed for competition, highlights for the 2023 lineup of Yamaha YZ motocross and cross-country machines include a new flagship YZ450F motocross model, along with a new YZ125X and extensively updated YZ250X 2-stroke cross-country models.

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Fresh off back-to-back professional Motocross and Supercross titles, Yamaha introduces a new YZ450F for 2023 designed to push capabilities even further. Building on the power delivery, suspension performance, and usability of the previous model, the new YZ450F features more power, less weight, a slimmer design, and improved handling in an even more usable package.

2023 Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition YZ450F

The new 2023 YZ125X offers a completely new, more powerful 125cc 2-stroke engine, revised suspension damping, improved brakes, enhanced ergonomics and a new look, which Yamaha says makes it the perfect option for young enthusiasts looking to move up to a full-size 2-stroke cross-country bike that is ready for competition.

For riders looking for big 250cc 2-stroke power in the ultimate cross-country racer, the new 2023 YZ250X features updated brakes, revised suspension, race-inspired ergonomics, and aggressive new styling.

“What really stands out about the new YZ450F is just how light and balanced it feels when riding hard,” said Derek Brooks, Yamaha Motorsports Motorcycle Product Line Manager. “This new platform builds on the legendary YZ suspension and handling with an even more powerful, yet controllable engine character that will offer expert riders everything they need to compete and win at the highest level. At the same time its revised ergonomics and tuneability with the free engine mapping Power Tuner makes it easier to ride fast for all rider skill levels. I’m pumped to see it hit the tracks soon!”

2023 Yamaha YZ450F & Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition YZ450F

For the 2023 YZ450F, Yamaha engineers were tasked with improving on traditional strong points of broad, torquey power, plush suspension, and predictable handling but with a distinctly rider-centric focus for the new model with a 5-lb weight reduction, increased control, and improved ergonomics. The end result is a lighter, more compact engine that reportedly pumps out even more power, improved handling with greater agility while still maintaining excellent stability, and a significantly lighter, slimmer body with enhanced ergonomics for greater control.

2023 Yamaha YZ450F in Team Yamaha Blue

Changes for the new YZ450F start with the engine. Completely redesigned for 2023, updates include new exhaust and intake port shapes, larger-diameter titanium intake valves, new forged aluminum piston, new cylinder body, crankshaft, and balancer assembly, and a switch from wet sump to dry sump lubrication. The combined effect of these features is said to be more midrange and top-end power, including a 500 rpm higher rev limit for longer over-rev and more linear output characteristics for increased rideability and control.

Helping lay that power down to the rear wheel, a new cable-actuated clutch design replaces the coil springs of the previous model with a new disc spring and integrates primary gear and basket into a single steel unit. The result is a more compact, lightweight, and durable assembly. Additionally, a new tri-shaft transmission layout vertically stacks the transmission shafts, raising the center shaft and forming a triangle between the crank, drive shaft, and main shaft for a lighter, more compact transmission.

Providing riders with the opportunity to fine-tune engine performance to their liking, Yamaha’s Power Tuner App has been extensively revised for 2023, retaining the full functionality of the previous version but now even easier to use with more functionality. Engine mapping can now be made using an intuitive new slide bar. There is also a new lap timer, Traction and Launch Control tuning, and bike set-up guides. Additionally, a new lightweight handlebar-mounted switch allows on-the-fly selection of preloaded engine maps.

The new Traction Control System communicates wheel slip to the ECU, tuning the engine to maintain ideal rear-wheel traction. Three levels can be selected: High, Low, or Off. The updated Launch Control System now features an rpm limiter that can be adjusted in 500 rpm increments between 6,000 rpm and 11,000 rpm for optimized launches when the gate drops. Both systems are controlled through the Yamaha Power Tuner App.

The next major update to the 2023 YZ450F involves the completely redesigned aluminum bilateral beam frame, which consists of more than 10 different aluminum components welded together, providing the opportunity to carefully tune rigidity and flex characteristics of each component. Yamaha says the result is a “better handling machine with lighter feel, improved bump absorption and increased traction, allowing the rider to enter corners with greater confidence and more line choices.” 

New internal suspension valving works in combination with the new frame and body to provide exceptional bump absorption, increased traction, and better cornering performance. High-spec, fully adjustable Speed Sensitive System KYB coil spring-type forks now feature a new hand-operated compression damping adjuster for simple, tool-less adjustments, and the linkage-type rear suspension features a KYB shock with damping characteristics to match the new chassis.

Finally, a new slimmer, flatter, and more compact body design lends a much lighter, more precise riding feel. A completely redesigned air intake pathway, airbox, and filter allow for a narrower fuel tank, significantly slimmer front shrouds and a lower airbox cover. Additionally, more seamless, rounded features including seat edges and side covers further ease rider movement for improved control. The rider triangle is also improved with increased legroom between the seat and footpegs, as well as revised handlebar position for a more natural posture and enhanced rider comfort.

Other features include a push-button electric starter system with a high-capacity, ultra-light lithium-ion battery, 1-1/8-inch aluminum tapered handlebars, new compact PVC handlebar pad, new lightweight throttle cables, wide footpegs with new lightweight aluminum alloy brackets, a quick-adjust clutch perch, and new chain guide.

2023 Yamaha YZ450F Features & Benefits

Completely redesigned 450cc 4-stroke engine is lighter, more compact and more powerful with an increased rev limit for longer over-revOverall weight savings of 5 lb over previous modelRevised Yamaha Power Tuner App with intuitive new “Quick Setting” slide bar, Traction & Launch Control tuning, and additional new featuresTwo-mode adjustable engine mapping allows on-the-fly selection between two tunable engine maps via new lightweight, handlebar-mounted push-button switchgearNew Traction Control System communicates wheel slip to the ECU to maintain ideal rear wheel traction with three selectable levels: High, Low, or OffUpdated Launch Control System now features adjustable rpm limiting for improved launches when the gate dropsMore compact, lightweight cable-actuated clutch design replaces coil springs with a new disc springNew tri-shaft transmission layout shortens the engine from front to back for more optimized engine positioningRedesign air intake path, airbox and filter allow for slimmer airbox cover and radiator shroudsUltra-compact 44mm Mikuni throttle body ensures optimum fuel atomization while saving weight and improving mass-centralizationCompletely redesigned lightweight aluminum bilateral frame carefully balances rigidity and flex characteristics for a lighter feel, improved bump absorption and increased tractionSlimmer, flatter and more compact body includes narrower fuel tank and front shrouds and more seamless, rounded features for easier rider movement and improved controlRider triangle is also improved with increased legroom and revised handlebar position for a more natural posture and enhanced comfortFully adjustable Speed Sensitive System KYB coil spring-type fork and linkage-type KYB rear shock offer best-in-class suspension performance with revised damping characteristics to match the new YZ450F’s chassisFront fork now features a new hand-operated compression damping adjuster for simple, tool-less adjustmentsLarge 270mm front brake rotor is coupled with a Nissin caliper and aggressive pad compounds Rear brake feel is improved by reducing the rigidity of the brake hose providing a wider range of control at the pedalAdvanced computer-aided wheel design shaves weight without sacrificing durability, while rear wheel comes laced in a three-cross-spoke pattern for improved impact absorption and rider feelCompact, lightweight push-button electric start provides effortless restartsLightweight aluminum tapered handlebarRubber-mounted four-position adjustable handlebar mounts reduce vibrationPremium Yamaha Blue and dark blue graphics scheme is embedded to provide excellent durability and scratch resistanceRace-developed Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires

The 2023 Yamaha YZ450F will be available from dealers this November in Team Yamaha Blue starting at $9,899. The 2023 Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition YZ450F will be available from dealers this October starting at $10,099.

2023 Yamaha YZ450F in Team Yamaha Blue
2023 Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition YZ450F

2023 Yamaha YZ125X

Introduced in 2020, the YZ125X was conceived to bolster Yamaha’s cross-country lineup while offering passionate 2-stroke enthusiasts a dedicated enduro racer. In the first major update for the model, the 2023 YZ125X reflects many of the extensive changes recently rolled out for the current competition-ready YZ125 motocross model but also incorporates a number of additional key modifications aimed specifically at boosting capability for rigorous long distance, multi-terrain cross-country racing.

The result is a powerful, featherweight, class-leading 2-stroke woods racer that represents both the ideal step up for young enthusiasts looking to enter into cross-country competition or for seasoned riders, a capable and lightweight 2-stroke.

It all starts with a more powerful liquid-cooled 125cc 2-stroke engine. Every functional part of the engine is new, including the cylinder, cylinder head, piston, piston pin, connecting rod, crankcase, and expansion chamber. To enhance the YZ125X’s performance in varied terrain and over long race distances, features such as Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS) characteristics, exhaust timing, and compression ratio have been optimized to improve ease-of-use in the low- to mid-rpm range. A new Hitachi Astemo Keihin PWK38S carburetor with throttle position sensor and 3D-map-controlled CDI unit further enhances fueling and power delivery. A new intake design with VForce4 carbon reed valve and a straighter intake path is said to result in an improved feeling of power in the high rpm range.

To match increased engine performance, an updated braking system features larger front pistons, more rigid caliper, and a redesigned 270mm front rotor with a 30% increase in pad contact area. A redesigned rear rotor maintains the same braking power while dropping outer diameter from 245mm to 240mm, reducing unsprung weight.

Front and rear suspension damping has been revised to further improve bump absorption and cornering performance. Best-in-class KYB suspension includes a fully adjustable Speed Sensitive System 48mm inverted front fork, now with new internals for more precise damping. The revised fully adjustable KYB rear shock features reduced-friction Kashima Coat internals, separate adjusters for high- and low-speed compression damping, and a full lock oil rebound system. Additionally, front and rear settings are fine-tuned to handle the types of demanding and varied environments commonly encountered in cross-country competition.

A new flatter seat and more narrow fuel tank design, along with integrated body panels and slimmer radiator shroud width all combine to enhance freedom of movement forward and back, allowing the rider to easily shift body weight for increased control. Emphasizing its YZ racing pedigree, new front and rear fender design, bold Yamaha Blue and dark blue colorway, and premium embedded graphics provide a sharp, aggressive new look with excellent durability and scratch resistance.

Additional features on the 2023 YZ125X include premium lightweight blue Excel rims wrapped in high performance Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires, along with a cross-country oriented 18-inch rear wheel, larger rear sprocket, standard aluminum side stand, reserve fuel petcock, sealed O-ring chain, and a newly adopted scraper between the fork’s dust and oil seal.

2023 Yamaha YZ125X Features & Benefits

Redesigned liquid-cooled Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS)-equipped 125cc two-stroke engine reportedly boasts more power in the mid- to high-range with cross country-specific tuning to enhance low- to midrange performanceNew high-precision Hitachi Astemo Keihin PWK38S carburetor features throttle position sensor and 3D-map-controlled CDI unitNew straight intake design with VForce4 carbon reed valveNew shorter, lighter mufflerHigh performance brake setup features more rigid front caliper, larger front pistons, and redesigned rotors with increased pad contact area up frontImproved rider ergonomics are more narrow with a flatter seat and slimmer radiator shroudsFully adjustable Speed Sensitive System KYB inverted front fork with new internals for more precise damping and a new scraper between the dust and oil sealRevised, fully adjustable KYB rear shock features reduced-friction Kashima Coat internalsFront and rear suspension settings optimized for enhanced cross-country performanceRace-proven, forged aluminum semi-double cradle frameRemovable lightweight aluminum rear subframe constructed of square-section tubingLightweight finely tuned chassis for nimble handling, more control, and less rider fatigueRevised 6-speed, close-ratio gearbox has wider transmission gear tooth width and new optimized gear ratiosNew lightweight rear sprocket designSealed O-ring chainHigh-capacity radiator with dark louvers deliver maximum cooling and aggressive looksLightweight aluminum handlebar with two-position adjustable handlebar clampAdjustable clutch lever with works-style cable adjusterNew premium graphics are now embedded for improved durability and scratch resistancePremium lightweight Excel rimsRace-developed Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires

The 2023 Yamaha YZ125X will be available from dealers this September in Team Yamaha Blue starting at $7,099.

2023 Yamaha YZ125X in Team Yamaha Blue

2023 Yamaha YZ250X

2023 Yamaha YZ250X in Team Yamaha Blue

Significant updates for 2023 incorporate similar changes made to the Yamaha’s current YZ250 motocrosser to improve on key areas and provide an even more competitive, well-rounded package.

Rider ergonomics are more narrow and substantially improved through new integrated body panels, slimmer shroud width, and flatter seat. These changes allow greater freedom of movement front to back and easier weight transfer for improved control. Along with the slimmer, more aggressive bodywork, a new front and rear fender design and a new graphics scheme highlight the race-focused YZ lineage. Premium graphics are now embedded to provide improved durability and scratch resistance. Additionally, updates to the seat and bodywork also enabled a new, straighter intake design, allowing a more efficient intake path to the engine for improved low- to midrange pulling power.

The YZ250X’s suspension performance improves with revised front and rear damping characteristics to enhance bump absorption and cornering agility. The fully adjustable Speed Sensitive System KYB 48mm inverted front fork receives new internals and newly adopted scraper between the dust and oil seal, while the revised, fully adjustable KYB rear shock features reduced-friction Kashima Coat internals. Settings are specifically tuned to meet the harsh demands of cross-country competition.

A revamped brake setup features a more rigid front caliper, larger front pistons, and redesigned 270mm front rotor that increases pad contact area. A redesigned rear rotor drops the outer diameter from 245mm to 240mm, reducing unsprung weight.

The 2023 YZ250X uses the same liquid-cooled YPVS-equipped 249cc 2-stroke powerplant as its YZ250 stablemate but with YPVS characteristics, exhaust timing, and compression ratio optimized to improve ease-of-use in the low- to mid-rpm range for improved cross-country performance. Additionally, clutch durability is enhanced through a new friction material with excellent heat resistance characteristics ideal for long distance racing.

Finally, premium lightweight Excel wheels combine with high performance Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires, a cross-country-oriented 18-inch rear wheel size, wide-ratio gearing, a standard aluminum side stand, a sealed O-ring chain, and a reserve fuel petcock.

2023 Yamaha YZ250X in Team Yamaha Blue

2023 Yamaha YZ250X Features & Benefits

Improved rider ergonomics are more narrow with a flatter seat and slimmer radiator shrouds offering greater freedom of movementAdvanced liquid-cooled YPVS-equipped 249cc 2-stroke engine is lightweight and compact, with a wide, tractable powerbandNew straight intake design improves low- to midrange pulling powerHitachi Astemo Keihin PWK38S carburetor with power jet and throttle position sensor provides crisp throttle responseHigh performance brake setup features larger front pistons, more rigid caliper, and redesigned rotors with increased pad contact areaFully adjustable KYB fork features the Speed-Sensitive System and includes a newly adopted scraper between the dust and oil sealRevised fully adjustable KYB rear shock features reduced-friction Kashima Coat internalsFront and rear suspension settings optimized for enhanced cross-country performanceForged aluminum semi-double cradle frameRemovable aluminum rear subframe constructed of square-section tubing for reduced weight5-speed gearboxNew clutch pressure plate material with heat resistance characteristics ideal for extended cross-country competitionNew lightweight rear sprocket designSealed O-ring chainHigh-capacity radiator with blacked-out louversCompact exhaust expansion chamber for improved clearance and exhaust efficiencyLightweight aluminum handlebar with two-position adjustable handlebar clampAdjustable clutch lever with works-style cable adjusterNew premium graphics are now embedded for improved durability and scratch resistancePremium lightweight Excel rimsRace-developed Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires

The 2023 Yamaha YZ250X will be available from dealers this August in Team Yamaha Blue starting at $7,999.

2023 Yamaha YZ250X in Team Yamaha Blue

2023 Yamaha Motocross and Cross Country Lineup

The remainder of Yamaha’s motocross and cross-country lineup, including the YZ65, YZ85, YZ85LW, YZ125, YZ125 Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition, YZ250, YZ250F, YZ250F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition, YZ250FX, YZ450FX, WR250F, and WR450F all return unchanged for 2023.

Yamaha bLU cRU Off-Road Racing Contingency Program

All 2023 YZ models are eligible for Yamaha’s current bLU cRU Off-Road Racing Contingency Program, which features nearly $5 million for Yamaha bLU cRU riders competing in off-road motorcycle racing. YZ riders can earn contingency payouts via a bLU cRU debit card, receive a 10% rebate on GYTR parts and accessory purchases of up to $1,000, and receive an instant $45 credit on the bLU cRU Swag website. The 2023 bLU cRU Off-Road Racing Contingency Program details will be announced soon.

For complete details on how to register for the bLU cRU Off-Road Racing Contingency Program, along with specific information on which racing series, events, and classes are included, visit the Off-Road Racing Contingency page.

For more information related to all Yamaha products, visit the Yamaha website, which includes the complete motocross lineup, complete cross-country lineup, and genuine Yamaha accessories, apparel, and more.

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