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Witty travel memoir on a clapped-out motorbike

We are always looking for a good read, especially something that’s funny and takes us away on our imaginary bikes to lands, especially while we can’t ride through under the current pandemic.

So, we are eager to feast our eyes on John Mole’s book ‘Harley and the Holy Mountain: Through the Heart of Greece to its Soul’.

John lives on the idyllic Greek island of Evia and his book covers a “hair-raising” ride to Mountain Athos in northern Greece on a clapped-out 50cc motorbike he ironically calls “Harley”.  

But he says his book is “so much more than a travelogue”.

“It’s a journey through 200 years of rich Greek history, and the myths, miracles, inspiration and eccentricity.”

“Harley” only has a top speed of 40km/h (25mph), so it’s a long trip from his home to a Moldovan monk on Mount Athos, a self-governing state run by monks.John Mole’s book ‘Harley and the Holy Mountain: Through the Heart of Greece to its Soul’

It comes as Greece celebrates two-hundred years of independence this year.

It’s a country that the British author fell in love with, so much so that he and his family chose to move to Evia decades ago, and renovate a house as their own.

The adventure was chronicled in ‘It’s All Greek To Me!’, Mole’s first book about Greece. 

This is the follow-up.

“Readers tell me it’s laugh-out-loud funny,” John says. 

“And it’s all a product of the quirky and sometimes unconventional experiences I’ve had, driven by many unique characters who have stumbled into my life. 

“But, on the more serious side, I also wanted readers to understand and appreciate Greece’s rich and fascinating history, as well as the myths and miracles that underpin it all.

“Travel is vital to me, and I’d encourage anyone to take a leap of faith and venture into the unknown. When I sit back and look at life, the most amazing and memorable experiences I’ve had are often the ones others thought were crazy. Pick up any of my books, and you’ll see why!”

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