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Wildbikers: adventure travels with Tourmax

Wildbikers goes on new motorcycle adventurous trips accompanied by the Caberg Tourmax flip-up helmet.

Wildbikers has been created by Arturo, a young guy from Bologna with a fierce passion for motorcycle and travels.

And what better thing than being able to experience adventurous trips while riding your motorcycle and sharing these incredible experiences with other riders through social and blogs?

So far, Arturo has travelled all over Italy, from the Dolomites to Apulia, but he has also experienced some trips abroad such as in the Balkans. Videos, pictures, and personal thoughts have been shared by Arturo with his followers online.

From early February, Arturo has embarked on what’s going to be his biggest adventure: a fantastic long motorcycle journey to discover Asia, from Italy to Australia.

As travel companion, Arturo has chosen our Tourmax flip up helmet equipped with a peak: A lightweight, quiet, and comfortable helmet that Arturo suggests especially for long and enduring trips both on and off road.

Let’s find out more about this helmet.

The Caberg Tourmax X flip-up helmet

The Tourmax flip-up helmet is equipped with a peak that automatically moves close to the visor when opening the chin guard in order to minimize air resistance.

The TOURMAX X is the brand-new version of this popular and avant-garde model, homologated according to the new ECE 22.06 P/J standard, allowing you to safely ride with the flip face in both open and closed positions.

Tourmax X: the flip-up model with the peak

The Tourmax X is also equipped with:

The Double Visor Tech system that, thanks to the easy-to-use inner sunshade visor, allows you to ride always safely with the right light;
An anti-fog clear visor thanks to the Pinlock lens;
Internal air flow
Removable and washable liner.

Find out more about the TOURMAX X

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