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Triumph Introduces Minor Updates For Tiger 1200 Family


Triumph Motorcycles has unveiled an array of new features and upgrades for its Tiger 1200 family in 2024, elevating the range to new heights of advancement and sophistication. The enhancements encompass refined engine performance, improved comfort and ergonomics, enhanced cornering capabilities, reduced seat height with Active Preload Reduction, and vibrant new color options.

The renowned 1160cc triple engine of Triumph now offers an even smoother and more controlled riding experience, particularly at low speeds, while retaining its distinctive triple character derived from its T-plane crank. The engineering team at Triumph has meticulously fine-tuned the engine by modifying the crankshaft, alternator rotor, and balancer to enhance engine inertia, along with corresponding adjustments to engine calibration. These refinements result in heightened smoothness during acceleration and deceleration, especially noticeable at lower speeds. Additionally, an updated clutch design ensures a smoother engagement when shifting into first gear.

Furthermore, Triumph has prioritized all-day comfort for riders embarking on long-distance journeys with the Tiger 1200. A revised engine balancing strategy contributes to a smoother and more refined engine performance, enhancing comfort across various rider touchpoints. Borrowing from the successful Explorer models, dampened handlebars and risers have been incorporated into the GT Pro and Rally Pro, providing a smoother ride and improved mirror visibility.

The rider seat has undergone a redesign, featuring a flatter profile to offer riders more space and reduce fatigue during extended trips. Additionally, the accessory low seat, which lowers the seat position by 20mm, has been redesigned for enhanced comfort. A longer clutch lever has also been introduced to provide additional space for riders’ fingers, further enhancing comfort on extended journeys.

Triumph has raised the cornering ground clearance of the Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer models by adjusting the footpeg positions, thereby increasing rider confidence during cornering maneuvers. The introduction of the Active Preload Reduction feature allows riders to lower the seat height by up to 20mm simply by pressing the ‘Home’ button for one second on the switch cube as the Tiger 1200 slows to a stop.

The Tiger 1200 is now available in four variants, featuring new colors for 2024. The Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer are offered in striking Carnival Red, in addition to Snowdonia White and Sapphire Black. The Tiger 1200 Rally Pro and Rally Explorer come in stylish new Matt Sandstorm and Jet Black options, alongside the popular Matt Khaki.

Steve Sargent, Chief Product Officer, expressed enthusiasm for the 2024 updates, highlighting their potential to enhance the riding experience and expand the Tiger 1200’s global appeal. Since its debut in 2021, the latest generation Tiger 1200 has garnered significant sales success worldwide, with the Tiger 1200 GT Explorer notably chosen by Enduro World Champion Ivan Cervantes for his Guinness World Records feat of covering the greatest distance on a motorcycle in 24 hours.

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