Serial 1, Powered by Harley-Davidson e-Bike Lineup | First Look Review

Serial 1 Mosh/Cty eBike
The Serial 1 Mosh/Cty e-bike in action.

Most motorcyclists associate the historic Harley-Davidson brand with roaring American V-twin engines, timeless styling and good times. Serial 1, Powered by Harley-Davidson, is a new e-bicycle brand reflecting the revered American cruiser brand’s tastes and aesthetics.

Aimed at urban commuting cyclists, Serial 1 has unveiled four unique pedal-assist models, including the Rush/Cty, Rush/Cty Speed, Rush/Step-Through and Mosh/Cty.

There are plenty of features shared between each model. Still, all of the current Serial 1 models utilize a hydroformed aluminum frame and fork with an integrated lithium-ion battery and a powerful Brose mid-mounted electric motor, producing 66 lb-ft of torque. Gates carbon drive belts have a thematic connection to Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Also, four ride modes (Eco, Tour, Sport and Boost) are available on every Serial 1 e-bike and a push-button “walk-assist” function. Integrated LED lighting is also standard. Also, all models except the Mosh/Cty feature an Enviolo Automatiq intelligent auto-shifting hub. Let’s take a look!

2021 Serial 1 Mosh/Cty:

Serial 1 Mosh/Cty eBike
2021 Serial 1 Mosh/City e-bike.

The Serial 1 Mosh/Cty is a stripped-down single-speed urban e-bicycle that great for shorter trips in the city. The 250W motor will provide pedal-assistance up to 20 mph. It features a smaller 529Wh li-ion battery that can reach a full charge in 4 hours and 45 minutes, ranging between 35 and 105 miles, depending on the mode and terrain. Claimed weight is 48.3 pounds. MSRP is $3,399.

2021 Serial 1 Rush/Cty:

Serial 1 Rush/Cty eBike
2021 Serial 1 Rush/City e-bike.

The Rush/Cty is the premium offering from Serial 1, loaded with every feature the new e-Bike can throw at it. The Rush/Cty is equipped with an odometer display, a small storage compartment, 4-piston calipers and an Enviolo Automatiq intelligent auto-shifting hub, meaning all you have to do is sit back and pedal. The Rush/Cty has a top pedal-assist speed of 20 mph and boasts a higher maximum range of 115 miles, thanks to the larger 706Wh li-ion battery. The estimated full recharge time is 6.6 hours. Claimed weight is 59 pounds. MSRP is $ 4,499.

2021 Serial 1 Rush/Cty Step-Through:

Serial 1 Rush/Cty Step-Through
2021 Serial 1 Rush/City Step-Through.

Loaded down with all of the range-topping features of the Rush/Cty, the Rush/Cty Step-Through uses a step-through frame. It also utilizes a smaller 529Wh battery and has a maximum range of 90 miles. It will take roughly 4.75 hours to recharge fully. Claimed weight is 59.5 pounds. MSRP is $4,399.

2021 Serial 1 Rush/Cty Speed:

Serial 1 Rush/Cty Speed eBike
2021 Serial 1 Rush/Cty Speed

Exclusively available in the United States, the Rush/Cty Speed kicks it up a notch with a Brose TF Mag motor tops out at 28 mph. For reference, all other Serial 1 models use a Brose S Mag motor. To help with the higher top-speed and greater power consumption, the Rush/Cty Speed is equipped with the 706Wh li-ion battery, with a full recharge time of 6.6 hours. Outside of those changes, the Rush/Cty Speed shares all of the premium features available on the standard Rush/Cty model. Claimed weight is 59 pounds. MSRP is $4,999.

For more information, visit Serial 1.

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