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ScorpionEXO Covert FX Helmet | Gear Review

The original 3-in-1 style Covert helmets from ScorpionEXO have always been crowd pleasers, offering the ability to transform from a conventional half-helmet to a three-quarter design to full-face protection via a magnetic mask. Now ScorpionEXO has developed its first full-face-only version, the Covert FX, which the company says offers “the same edgy style and function.” I can agree on its cool form, but some of its function misses the mark for me.

ScorpionEXO Covert FX in Matte Black

The Covert FX is DOT and ECE 22.06 certified and is composed of a TCT-Ultra Composite shell that weighs 3.35 lb for the Large size I tested. ScorpionEXO says the helmet’s CAD-refined aerodynamics minimize both lift and turbulence. I can attest to this, as I experienced very little buffeting wearing the Covert FX while riding a naked sportbike at speed in a 20-mph headwind.

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On the inside, the KwikWick III comfort liner features a moisture-wicking fabric, and the liner is easily removable and washable. Thinner and thicker cheek pads are available for further customization. My helmet already fit quite comfortably…for the first 60 miles or so. But I can’t fault ScorpionEXO on this one; it’s a head-compatibility issue. The company’s head shape reference chart on its website says the Covert models are designed for round heads. I’m closer to an intermediate oval, which resulted in annoying pressure on my forehead after a while.

ScorpionEXO Covert FX in Matte Black

The Covert FX’s ventilation is where I take the most issue. There are two small vents on the top and an exhaust at the rear, but the airflow up there wasn’t very noticeable – and I’m a guy who keeps my head mostly shaved, so I notice. The temps were in the 60s while I was testing it, and the inside of the helmet would’ve gotten uncomfortably stuffy if the weather was much warmer. The dual-position mouth vent provided good airflow when it was fully open. However, the slider is located inside the chinbar, which is very close to my face, making it difficult to adjust the slider without taking the helmet off. Hiding the vent slider inside the chinbar helps maintain that “edgy style,” but an external slider would be more user-friendly.

My favorite part of the Covert FX is the visibility. The EverClear faceshield has a fog-resistant coating, it blocks 95% of UV-A and UV-B radiation, and a good-sized tab makes it easy to open. But what I appreciate the most is that, at its tallest point, the eyeport is about 4 inches, which is anywhere from a half inch to almost an inch taller than many other helmets I’ve tried. It definitely feels more like being in the action versus being in a helmet.

ScorpionEXO Covert FX in Grey
ScorpionEXO Covert FX in Black
ScorpionEXO Covert FX in Matte Grey

The ScorpionEXO Covert FX comes with integrated speaker pockets, a solid neoprene chin curtain, and both clear and Dark Smoke faceshields. It’s priced starting at $249.95 in five different colors in sizes XS-3XL.

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