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Rising stars? We, in Caberg strongly believe in it!

Caberg knows well that the future of motorcycling world starts with young and talented riders. From this year, Caberg decided to undertake and implement a plan that aims to help and support more and more very young and talented riders!
Let’s discover the junior riders who will be on the race-track with our DRIFT EVO in 2022 together with the more experienced riders all part of the Caberg family.

In 2022 Caberg will go again at full speed: this year in fact, we are getting ready to support all the riders who joined the Caberg family and will race with our DRIFT EVO.

This upcoming season together with the more experienced riders there will be many junior riders who will compete in various National and International competitions.

At Caberg, we strongly believe that supporting also young riders is of great importance and satisfaction, that’s why, we are glad to present you the younger members of our big family.


Name: Luca Lunetta
Date of Birth: 27/05/2006
Nationality: Italy
Championship 2022: Red Bull Rookies Cup + CEV Moto3

The very young and talented Luca Lunetta is one of the most promising riders in the Italian motorsport. Already a rider in the CEV Moto3 Junior World Championship, has been also selected to participate in the Red Bull Rookies Cup thanks to his talent (in the 2021 edition he took the 14th place overall).


Name: Alessandro Morosi
Date of Birth: 16/12/2004
Nationality: Italy
Championship 2022: CEV Moto3

Alessandro Morosi just joined the Caberg Family and is eager to show his talent in the CEV Moto3 Junior World Championship.


Name: Mattia Romito
Date of Birth: 03/05/2008
Nationality: Italy
Championship 2022: CIV PreMoto3

Our young rider Mattia Romito, is ready and excited for another year at full speed. As in 2021, also in this upcoming season, Matty will compete in the Italian CIV PreMOto3 Championship.


Name: Gabriel Tesini
Date of Birth: 04/03/2009
Nationality: San Marino
Championship 2022: CIV PreMoto3

The very young Gabriel Tesini, already Italian and European Champion of the Mini Bike Championship in 2020, is getting ready to compete in the Italian CIV PreMoto3 Championship 2022 with Caberg by his side.


Name: Leonardo Zanni
Date of Birth: 01/07/2008
Nationality: Italy
Championship 2022: CIV PreMoto3

Leo Zanni joins the Caberg family for season 2022 and will compete again in the Italian CIV PreMoto3 Championship, as well as some competitions is the European Talent Cup.


Name: Cristian Borrelli
Date of Birth: 01/01/2010
Nationality: Italy
Championship 2022: Ohvale 190

After conquering the title of Italian Champion in the 2021 Ohvale 160 championship, the very young cabergrider Cristian Borrelli, for 2022 is now eager to compete in the Ovhale 190 championship with grit and determination.


Name: Federico Iacoi
Date of Birth: 23/0/2006
Nationality: Italy
Championship 2022: SuperSport 300

Federico Iacoi is well ready to tackle 2022 season. As in 2021, the young Cabergrider will compete in 2022 in the Italian SuperSport 300 Championship.


Name: Andrea Baiamonte
Date of Birth: 05/02/2005
Nationality: Italy
Championship 2022: SuperSport 600

Another new addition to the Caberg family is Andrea Baiamonte, who will participate in the 2022 Italian CIV SuperSport 600 Championship. Andrea is already focused on great achievements and results.

Therefore, write down these names now, because in the coming years we’ll see if we bet on the right talents; However things turn out, we are glad and proud to be able to contribute and support them grow their experience and try to realize their dreams!

All our young riders chose to rely on the safety of our full-face DRIFT EVO for each competition.
And what about you? If you are not yet familiar with this model, please go and visit:

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