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PRO SPEAK EVO: the brand-new Caberg wireless communication system

The PRO SPEAK EVO system is the new Caberg wireless communication system, homologated ECE 22.06, developed in collaboration with Midland.

Finally, here you go ready for the next adventure with your motorcycle and your Caberg helmet. Do you prefer the quiet and ease of a ride alone, or do you like to have the possibility to share and communicate with your fellow bikers or listen to music while riding?

Well, in this case you need a good intercom wireless system. Let’s see what are the basic features of a wireless communication system that will make motorcycling more enjoyable as well as a lot safer.

A good motorcycle BT intercom system should:

Fit well on the helmet, in order to be comfortable without limiting safety;
Be compatible with control systems of major motorcycle manufactures;
Be easy to install and easy to use.

Thanks to the collaboration with Midland, a well-known Italian intercom system manufacturer, Caberg just released the PRO SPEAK EVO, a brand-new BT intercom system very easy to use and safe.

Talk and listen to music while riding your motorcycle with PRO SPEAK EVO

The PRO SPEAK EVO is the brand-new Caberg wireless communication system that allows you to:

Listen to music in stereo;
Connect to the GPS system for navigation instruction;
Make and receive calls, by connecting your smartphone;
Communicate with your passenger or bike to bike up to a distance of 200 m.

All the above features available in Full Duplex mode with digital quality and DSP system for noise suppression.

Are you already picturing yourself enjoying your next ride up in the mountain while listening to good music?

Thanks to the “Universal Intercom” function, the PRO SPEAK EVO allows the rider to communicate with another brand intercom device. Furthermore, it’s compatible with integrated connectivity and control systems adopted by the major motorcycle manufacturers as for example, BMW, KTM, and Ducati.

Maximum helmet safety even with the intercom installed.

Safety rules first when riding a motorcycle. For this reason, Caberg is proud to state that all the helmets homologated 22.06, have passed also all the requirements set by the EU regulation with the Caberg PRO SPEAK EVO communication system installed.

PRO SPEAK EVO features:

The PRO SPEAK EVO is a Bluetooth intercom system easy to mount and well-integrated in your helmet to be almost invisible.

The PRO SPEAK EVO intercom installed in the helmet


The device is easy to install and very intuitive to operate, thanks to 2 multifunction buttons.

PRO SPEAK EVO multifunction buttons


List of all technical features:

Intercom rider/passenger (Intercom/Universal Intercom);
Bluetooth 5.0 with support for the following protocols: Headset profile, Hands Free Profile (HFP), A2DP, AVRCP;
Intercom distance/bike to bike up to 200m;
DSP noise suppression;
Very intuitive to operate;
Voice announcements;
Speaker thickness 36 mm;
Upgradeable via PC (click here for the software upgrade link);
Up to 8 hours battery life;
Can be recharged in 2,5 hours with USB cable Type C included;
Water proof.

Curios to know, once purchased your PRO SPEAK EVO, what’s in the box?

Besides the intercom unit, you’ll find included:

A wired microphone for full face models;
A boom microphone for open face & flip-up models;
A micro-USB recharge cable;
A spare microphone foam;
A velcro strip to fix microphone and speakers.

PRO SPEAK EVO: What’s included in the box?

Caberg helmets and the PRO SPEAK EVO system:

Did you just buy a Caberg helmet and you are wondering if it’s compatible with the PRO SPEAK EVO system? Or have you been browsing for a new helmet and wondering which intercom BT system you could get?

Well, the PRO SPEAK EVO is compatible with all Caberg helmets and developed for the following specific models:


PRO SPEAK EVO and the AVALON (full-face), LEVO (flip-up) and FLYON II (jet)

For all the above models, you can find here the illustrated assembly instructions, a quick start guide, and the user’s manual.

For all information regarding the PRO SPEAK EVO communication system and to download the latest software version, please visit this link to Caberg website.

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