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Ohvale GP-2 Mini Track Bikes Come January 2021

The Small Bike That Packs a Big Punch

Italian mini-GP motorcycle manufacturer Ohvale’s newest model – the GP-2 – will be available as soon as January of the new year. 

This new model will be the successor to the original GP-0 that had high success due to its fun combination of high performance and small stature. The GP-0 had a tall glass to fill as the brand had planned a Mini Cup Racing Series planned with MotoAmerica revolving around that specific model.

The GP-0 came in a few different configurations, but the GP-2 will be stuck with a baseline of Daytona 190cc four-speed racing specs.

The frame and swingarm have been elongated when compared to the bike’s predecessor. With the frame changes, Ohvale used that opportunity to also relocate the engine in relation to help manage the center of mass.

The brakes on this updated model have been the fruits of a collaborative effort between Ohvale and J. Juan. The front of this bike will be stopped using a 4-piston radial caliper and a 220mm brake disc controlled by an updated braking lever.

Beyond the bigger changes listed, there are some minute details worth glossing over such as the multi-adjustable 38mm steering stem backed up by tapered bearings.

The motorcycles are planned for production in the new year, and the bikes should run you around 6300 euros ($7718 USD) each.

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