NIU Unveils Exciting Additions to Product Line-Up

Niu RQi Moped:NIU Technologies (NASDAQ: NIU), the world’s leading electric 2-wheel vehicle brand, announced today the launch of the XQi3 electric dirt bike, the SQi lightweight moped and market timing for the RQi, it’s highly anticipated high-performance motorcycle.

Furthermore, NIU also launched its F600 and F650 emopeds, compatible with NIUswap, the company’s battery swapping technology, which will offer versatile applications for both consumers and business. The strategic expansion to NIU’s product portfolio exemplifies NIU’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, whilst addressing the diverse needs of both consumers and business.

The XQi3 Dirt Bike: Xplore Your Wild Side NIU’s XQi3, a street-legal and off-road electric dirt bike, is designed for those born to explore. From the rugged trail to the city street, the all-terrain XQi3 offers pure freedom. The powerful 72v32Ah LG lithium-ion battery delivers up to 8000Ws with the dirt bikes Ultra-Boost feature, a built-in mode that offers an extra surge of performance when needed. It’s cutting-edge KKE suspension, with front and rear adjustable forks, is designed to conquer tight corners, jumps, and obstacles with finesse ensuring a smooth, controlled ride and rider safety.XQi3 Dirt Bike

Nineteen-inch off-road tires with premium brakes (230mm and 203mm disc) will deliver superior stopping power. What’s more the bike delivers ultimate connectivity with the NIU Smart App. Unique features include a lap timer, map tracking, and mobile phone connectivity
allowing you to answer calls via the display with a click of the button.

DOT and EC certified in the US and Europe, the XQi3 comes equipped with license plate holder, lights, turn signals, and side mirrors. The XQi3 boasts a range of up to 90km on a single charge and is compliant with all US M1/M2 and European L1e motorcycle licenses. Riders can choose from 4 striking colors: purple, white, yellow and black, with the option to further personalize their bike with sticker kits that come in the box. Starting from $ 5.999 / € 5.999 the XQi3 will be available in 2 versions, the XQi3 Street (road legal model) and XQi3 Wild
(off-road model). Both models will be available in NIU flagship stores and offline dealers from March 2024 in the US and from May 2024 in Europe.

Niu SQi Moped:The SQi Moped: Redefining the Modern Lightweight Ride

With its futuristic design and 2023 RedDot design award, the SQi sets a new bar for slick lightweight mopeds. Sporting a die-cast unibody frame, 0 solder joints, and easy handling, the SQi seamlessly blends both form and function. Reaching speeds of up 45km/h and 95km range,
the SQi is designed to set you apart from the crowd while also delivering a thrilling ride for your city commute. The SQi is expected to be available offline NIU flagship stores and dealers in Europe and US in 2024.

Niu RQi Moped:The RQi Motorcycle: Pure Electric Thrill

The RQi is a pure electric high performance urban motorcycle where passion, design, and intelligence come together. With impressive performance with a 110km/h top speed, 18000W max power, dual removable 72V 36Ah batteries, and ABS braking, the RQi is built to power an exciting city ride. Integrated traction control system, built-in front and rear cameras and impact detection system, ensure the RQi is a sophisticated riding machine delivering state of the art riding features. It comes equipt with bluetooth keyless unlock, GPS tracking and navigation, and over the air updates, making the RQi smarter than ever. The RQi is expected to be available in NIU flagship sotres and dealers from Q1 2024 in Europe starting from € 7.999.

NIUswap Battery Swapping TechnologyNIUswap Battery Swapping Technology + F600, F650 Emopeds

Targeting service operators, sharing operators, and businesses requiring emoped fleets, the NIUswap Battery Swapping Station enables riders to swap their batteries and refuel in seconds eliminating downtime. Flexible battery subscription plans can also reduce the upfront  posts of ridership and make riding more convenient. A NIUswap battery swapping station can be placed anywhere with an outlet, can be accessed 24/7, whilst being low maintenance and easy to operate.

Compatible with the NIUswap battery swapping station, the newly launched F600 emoped comes equipped with up to 72V28Ah dual swappable batteries. The F600 emoped delivers a 70 km/h top speed, 80km range and 3000W power. A large, lockable seat compartment gives more secure storage than ever before. With increased efficiency, better range and high-quality vehicle components, it’s time to say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to increasing your bottom line.

The F650, not currently compatible with NIUswap battery swapping station, will be available in Sport and Pro versions, delivering up to 95 km/h top speed with dual 72V28Ah batteries and 5000W motor. The F600 and F650 mopeds will be available in Europe in 2024 starting at € 3.499 MSRP.

“With the launch of the XQi3 dirt bike, we are thrilled to introduce a solution that targets a youthful demographic and caters to adventure enthusiasts both in the city and offroad” say Dr Yan Li, CEO of NIU Technologies. “Our commitment to excellence and innovation can also be
seen with the launch of the SQi lightweight moped and RQi high-performance urban motorcycle, we aim to provide an unmatched riding experience for urban commuters and thrillseekers alike. Furthermore, as we introduce the pioneering NIUswap battery swapping technology and the F600 and F650 emopeds, we are providing businesses and riders with a range of versatile and convenient options, setting the stage for a transformative era in mobility.”