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MV Agusta Launches New Bike To the (Mini) Masses

MV Agusta has just launched a brand new bike to cater to a specific audience.

It sports the classic Agusta red-and-silver color scheme, with max speeds topping out at a blistering 3 mph.

Did I mention that it’s a balance bike for toddlers?

You heard right.

According to a report from RideApart, the Italian manufacturer is now producing a spiffy classic-styled wooden balance bike for your young one. Labeled simply as the ‘Vintage Wooden Balance Bike,’ the contraption was manufactured to get a small child used to the concept of using balance to maneuver about on two wheels. Though Harley Davidson has also released a balance bike (though catered to a slightly older audience) with great success, I personally would prefer a makeshift MV Agusta when I watch a toddler rolling about the property in anticipation of a sporty motorcycle to call their own.


Priced at $198, it’s an extremely affordable and easy addition to the collection – and having been manufactured in the same style as Giacomo Agostini’s iconic MV Agusta GP bike, the legacy can’t be beaten.

 While the Vintage Wooden Balance Bike may be a far cry from 500cc, in the mind of a child, anything is possible – and I’ll bet my favorite helmet that this balance bike will set the ball rolling for some wonderful memories further down the road.



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