Motorcycle Rules and Laws in the US in Colorado, USA

Motorcycle Rules and Laws in the US in Colorado, USA

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you automatically feel closer to nature. This is mainly because most people who like nature like to travel and so they look for various ways to satisfy this craving for travel.

Eventually, they end up, getting a motorcycle to experience nature without any barrier. Colorado is known as a colorful state mainly because of the breathtaking century and amazing view. Lined with fresh green fields, hot springs, mountains, dunes, and mesas.

Colorado is known for its mild climate and exceptional landscapes that lure adventure enthusiasts from around the world. If you are an adventure enthusiast, Colorado has a lot of adventure sports that you can enjoy. From hiking to mountain biking, skiing, horse riding, and much more, you will have the time of your life.

Why do you need to know about Motorcycle Rules and Laws in Colorado?

If you are a beginner who is looking forward to exploring the US, Colorado should be on your list. However, it is very important to keep in mind that riding your motorcycle in Colorado can be very tricky because of the rocky terrains and slippery mountain roads. Most people ride with groups so they can seek help when needed however if you are a beginner it is better to practice more and only travel when you feel you are ready.

According to the 2020 stats, more than 100 people died in Colorado motorcycle accidents. This was mainly because motorcycle riders are vulnerable as compared to drivers in other vehicles. Another very important reason mentioned by the Colorado police department was the knowledge of traffic and carrying the passengers.

The police and traffic safety department explained that motorcyclists carrying passengers get into an accident because they find it hard to balance their motorcycle while riding on these tricky and complex terrains

With the help of this article, we will mainly discuss some of the motorcycle riding laws in Colorado so you can reduce the chance of an accident. We will also list down some safety laws so you can minimize the risk of injury in case of an accident.

3 Safety Laws to Reduce the Chance of Injury and Accidents

Colorado authorities are aware that most people get into minor accidents but they end up getting severely injured in the process. To deal with that, they have formulated laws that instruct the riders to wear all the essential protective gear. Some of the safety rules include:

  • Wearing a helmet in Colorado is not mandatory for people above 18 years old. However, if you are below 18 years old, you need to wear your helmet. Another very important thing is to ensure that your helmet is DOT-approved.
  • The riders must wear eye protection. The eye protection can be done via a helmet shield that will help you protect your face as well as your eyes. Eyeglasses are also considered a good option for eye protection, however, a windshield is not considered a good enough method for eye protection so you need to wear glasses even if you have a windshield.
  • Since passengers carrying motorcyclists are more likely to get into an accident, authorities require the passengers to have a designated seat. If you are carrying a passenger with you, they can sit behind or alongside you. Passengers are not allowed to sit in front of the rider even if they are kids. Another important thing is to install footrest for the passengers because it is also essential

3 Motorcycle Riding Laws to Reduce the Chance of Injury and Accidents

  • Motorcycle towing is completely illegal. Most riders hold hands, attach ropes or take the help of a tower while they ride their motorcycle. All these things are illegal. In case your motorcycle gets into an accident or it has some functional issue, you need to load your motorcycle to carry it from one place to another.
  • Lane splitting, passing the motorcycle in the same lane, and overtaking the rider in front of you are also considered illegal.
  • Parking your motorcycle in a designated parking area is very important. Municipal law states that you need to park your motorcycle at the edge of the road in the direction of the traffic. However, if your motorcycle is disturbing the flow of traffic, it will be considered illegal parking.

3 Motorcycle Laws You Might Not Know

  • In the state of Colorado, riding without the turn signals is legal, which is the reason you need to be very conscious about your riding skill. Law states that you can use appropriate hand gestures instead of turning signals for indicating the turn.
  • There is a noise limit on the vehicle however, to determine the noise limit you need to first know about the model of your vehicle. Vehicles that are as old as 1973 are not allowed which is the reason if you like to ride a vintage motorcycle, you might need to seek special permission.
  • Riding a motorcycle with a child as a passenger is legal in Colorado. However, you need to be very conscious when you ride a motorcycle with a child. Make sure the child has a footrest and he also needs to have appropriate safety equipment.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the overall experience you have as a motorcycle owner and rider. Most beginners plan their journey but they are not familiar with the roads and terrains.

Colorado is no doubt very beautiful but if you are just a beginner trying your luck in motorcycle riding, this can instantly turn into a disaster. The road in the mountain terrains are a little bit tricky and have slippery paths with some sharp edges, most tourists riding their motorcycle sometimes stop their vehicle midway just for some videos and pictures.

To make sure that you ride safely, try to follow all the safety rules and make sure to wear a thick motorcycle jacket. Apart from this, wear knee covers along with elbow protection covers. This will help you reduce the impact of abrasion in case you get into an accident. Another important thing is to pack all the necessary documents along so you can easily seek help when necessary.

By Kevin Martez