Motorcycle wear chose our TOURMAX X for the Honda Transalp test ride has tested the new Honda XL750 Transalp wearing our Tourmax X flip-up helmet.

It’s been 10 years since Honda discontinued the last Transalp XLV 700 and present in 2023 the brand-new XL750 model. A very versatile adventure bike, designed both for road touring and enduro trail riding all year long.

Honda Transalp & the Tourmax X

The Caberg Tourmax X flip up, which combines both touring and off-road capabilities, was the perfect helmet choice to test the Honda Transalp.

The Honda Transalp and Tourmax X in action

The brand-new Tourmax X helmet s equipped with a peak that automatically moves close to the visor when opening the chin guard in order to minimize air resistance.

The Tourmax X is homologated ECE 22.06, with the dual homologation P/J which allows you to ride with the chin guard open guaranteeing safety thanks to the lever P/J on the left-hand side of the helmet.

The Tourmax X is equipped with the exclusive Double Visor Tech system that, thanks to the easy-to-use inner sunshade visor, allows you to ride always with the right light and in safety

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L’articolo chose our TOURMAX X for the Honda Transalp test ride proviene da Caberg World.