MAG Survey Shows 31% of Participants Would Rather Give Up Riding Than Conform to Electric

The United Kingdom has plans to eventually phase out diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles in favor of low-carbon emitting and carbon-neutral/electric vehicles.

While this new diet plan is extremely ambitious, the drive to end the sale of fossil fuel engines by 2030 has become a very real goal – and one that will also impact the motorcycle world.

In a recent survey held by the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), participants were asked a series of questions surrounding the potential of a future without fossil fuel engines.

Some of the results may come as a surprise, but overall the survey pointed toward a community still very much in love with internal combustion engines. 

The report states that 4805 participants (both affiliated with MAG and not) were asked a series of questions on the future of motorcycle riding – here they are, with their responses.

On the potential of gas-fueled vehicles being phased out:

8% of respondents accepted the inevitable
36% wanted a delay of the phase-out
55% completely refused and opposed the idea

On whether participants would like MAG to partner with other organizations to fight the ban:

83% were in favor
17% were opposed

On the eventual removal of fossil fuel vehicles (with the expected switchover being EV, of course):

31% said they would quit riding
56% would delay the switchover to EV for as long as possible
13% would adapt and move on

Selena Lavendar, Chairman of MAG, states, “MAG always represents the views of all riders, regardless of their choice of motorcycle.  We have worked hard to develop the channels that get riders’ opinions heard by Government. We will not misrepresent those opinions.”

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