Limited Edition Kawasaki Z900RS SE Revitalized For Europe

As much as the increased energy limitations of Europe give me an occasional case of the bike blues, you can’t be upset at the (very pretty) Z900RS SE that Kawasaki will be dumping on Europe shortly. 

The Japanese manufacturers started with a wickedly similar spin on the coveted “Fireball” paint scheme from the 1972 Super Four, model Z1 – christened the “Yellowball” scheme, the current coat inspires descriptives like ‘classy,’ ‘scrumptious,’ and ‘bumblebee’…but you didn’t hear that from us

We’re also hit from the top with Brembo M4 radial-mount monobloc four-piston units, with semi-floating 300mm discs – better braking, smoother handling.

Chase this with an Öhlins S46 rear shock with preload adjuster, Kawasaki Traction Control, assist and slipper clutch, and the popping of Kawasaki’s proverbial cherry with their first-ever tuned exhaust note – and you’ve got yourself a beautifully tuned toy to tinker with. 

Now for the specs. 

According to a report from, The Z900RS SE will toss the salad with 109.5 hp at 8,500 rpm. 

Add a delightfully saucy 72.3 ft/lb of torque at 6,500 rpm, and the 474 lbs. will be kept busy hitting the bowl with enough power to keep you giggling. 

We’ve yet to get the low-down on the pricing and availability – so stay tuned for updates; we’ll make sure to keep our eyeballs peeled.

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