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Ladies’ Motorcycle helmets: Let’s discover Caberg’s models

Finding the right helmet is very important for lady bikers who love long journeys as well for daily urban commutes.

Although, some people might still think that motorcycling is a predominantly male activity, we, in Caberg, know well that it’s not true, in fact, the number of female motorcycle riders has significatively increased.

That’s why, it is essential to offer the ideal helmet models suitable to their needs and taste in terms of look, fitting, and comfort.

Women’s motorcycle helmets: Full-face, modular, and open face helmets

There are some ladies who look for a helmet suitable for daily commutes to reach their workplace or schools, and those who instead love long weekend trips.

All Caberg’s helmet models are offered (except for the model SINTESI) also in the sizes XS and S, in order to satisfy also those ladies with smaller head circumference.

As you may already know, there are 3 main types of helmets you can chose from, depending on your riding preferences and style:

Open face/jet helmets: light in weight, easy to use, and small dimension, but without the chain guard. A good choice If you’re going to be riding your bike or scooter to work every day for your daily urban commute.
Modular/Flip-up helmets: Modular helmets, also called a flip-ups, are the helmets where the chin guard may be raised or flipped over, even if it always remains fastened to the helmet. The flip- up helmets with the dual P/J homologation can be used either with the chin guard closed or open. Due to their versatile characteristics, flip-up helmets gained popularity among touring riders.
Full-Face Helmets: those helmets that cover the entire head and chin area. Full face helmets are usually chosen by those seeking maximum protection and by the riders with a more sporty and aggressive style.

Caberg helmets versions designed for ladies

For some helmet models, Caberg has specifically designed a selection of elegant and contemporary graphic versions for female riders; in fact, these model graphic versions are available only in the sizes XS, S, and M) Let’s find out about Caberg ladies’ helmet models.

The full-face AVALON Forge graphic: bold design and striking colors

The AVALON is the sport inspired full face helmet by Caberg now available in the brand-new captivating graphic Forge. This graphic is available also in the version with fuchsia and gold details!


The DUKE II Tour: the flip-up helmet with a geometric graphic design

The DUKE II flip-up helmet is available also in the stunning geometric graphic Forge with bright pink details; the perfect stylish graphic to express your personality without renouncing to the comfort.


The RIVIERA V4 Muse: fantasy and simplicity

Lightweight and with small shell dimension, the RIVIERA V4 open face helmet is the ideal solution for daily urban commute. With the amazing graphic Muse, you will give a dash of color to the greyness of the city.


The UPTOWN Bloom open face: classic design and a delicate graphic

celebrate the spring blossom everyday with the UPTOWN Bloom helmet! The easy to use and elegant open face by Caberg available also in a delicate and oriental inspiration details graphic.



If you prefer instead solid colors, even fluorescent colors, or vintage look, do not worry because you have plenty of choices!

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