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Joe Rocket Sinister Leather Motorcycle Jacket | Gear Review

The Joe Rocket Sinister leather motorcycle jacket offers a good blend of protection and comfort.

When it comes to leather motorcycle jackets, Joe Rocket doesn’t make the motorcycle-apparel equivalent of Chef Gordon Ramsey’s often cited cardinal sin of too many offerings. The company keeps it simple – just five choices. Of these, the Sinister is the most geared toward sport riders.

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From a protection standpoint, the Sinister doesn’t fool around. It’s made of 1.2-1.4mm embossed cowhide and has injection-molded reinforced shoulder caps with removable CE Level 2 shoulder and elbow armor and a spine pad. Reflective trim and a jacket-to-pants fastening system are additional safety elements.

When I put on the jacket, it feels substantial. And it’s not just my imagination; it weighs about 6 lb, which is on par with my leather cruiser jacket. However, for all that substance, the Sinister is more comfortable than I expected. It has precurved sleeves, which can feel somewhat constricting, but it balances this with Full Flex ribbed elbows for added mobility. It also has stretch panels in both the underarms and sleeve undersides, plus an adjustable waist.

There are zippered vents on the biceps and the back that provide sufficient, if somewhat underwhelming, airflow. I would welcome chest vents in the form of a couple pockets in addition to the three existing ones (two external and one internal), but I can see why the company didn’t want to disturb the aesthetic, which is definitely an asset worth noting.

The Sinister is clearly going for a particular style, and if that is your thing, this jacket pulls it off. When I put it on, between the six-pack “abs” on the front (which seem more form than function), injected shoulders, and general sturdiness, I feel like Batman. I feel like a badass. Problem is, that’s not necessarily who I am. I enjoy riding sportbikes and pushing myself, but I don’t pretend to be a racer. And I’m not crazy about the giant “Rocket” logo across the front and back. I don’t mind supporting the brand, but it feels like overkill. But who knows? With all that protection on me, when I’m hustling down a backroad, instead of Batman maybe I’m Rocket Man.

The Joe Rocket Sinister jacket comes in sizes S-3XL for $399.99.

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