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Introducing SOHO: Caberg’s new open face helmet

Practical and comfortable: let’s find out more about SOHO, Caberg’s new open face motorbike helmet.

Practical, compact and easy to handle, the open face helmet is the ideal solution for your daily commutes in urban traffic, as well as  enjoyable rides out of town. Its open design and lightweight shell allow you to travel comfortably, even during hot summer days, without foregoing safety.

Are you looking for a comfortable, lightweight motorbike or scooter helmet for everyday use? Are you looking for an open-face helmet that you can use on your city streets, as well as on your out of town trips? Caberg’s new open face SOHO is the one for you.

Comfortable and versatile, SOHO is the right companion for your city commutes, as well as your weekend outings.

With its neat and contemporary design, SOHO combines all the practicality of an open face helmet with cutting-edge technical solutions and the safety of ECE 22.06 homologation.

Care to find out more?

All SOHO features, Caberg’s new open face helmet

With a state-of-the-art ventilation system, the new open face SOHO allows a constant air exchange, thus ensuring freshness even on the hottest days. The helmet is, in fact, equipped with a large frontal ventilation and four air vents at the top and rear of the shell. This guarantees an optimal air flow even at low speeds.

Besides providing coolness while driving, SOHO also offers an excellent visibility even on the sunniest days. In addition to the clear outer visor, the helmet also features a sun visor (Double Visor Tech) easy to operate, even with gloves, thanks to the selector fitted on the shell.
The long, scratch-resistant outer visor also provides protection for the face at high speeds.

SOHO is also available in two different outer shell sizes, optimising the proportion between helmet volume and rider size:

the small shell ranges in sizes from XS to M,
the large shell those from L to XXL.

The helmet has been carefully designed down to the smallest detail to offer maximum comfort. The inside is made of a breathable, hypo-allergenic material that can be easily removed and washed.

SOHO is also designed to accommodate the Caberg Pro Speak Evo communicator. This system allows you to communicate with your mobile phone, your passenger or another motorcyclist within a 200m radius and to link your GPS.

Nothing is left to chance: the new SOHO is the open face helmet allowing you to ride on city streets or suburban roads with an edge.

Graphics to suit any style

The SOHO open face model is available in different colours and graphics, all sharing an eye-catching and contemporary design.

Let’s take a look at them together:

Solid colour (in 4 different colours);

Milano graphic version (in 3 different colour combinations);

Zephyr version (in 5 different combinations);

So, what do you think? Are you ready to get on the saddle with your new SOHO yet? Discover all the features of the new SOHO and all available versions.

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