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Increased safety for motorcycle riders with CABERG SOS MEDICAL ID

Caberg is glad to present the innovative SOS Medical ID safety device integrated in the helmets.

Motorcycle helmets are developed to provide protection as much as possible from injuries.
After intensive research for innovative and efficient solutions, Caberg now is glad to present the SOS Medical ID system: an exclusive safety device integrated in the helmets. The SOS Medical ID device is much more than a simple accessory; it’s your personal assistant in case of emergency providing easy access to your info.

Developed in collaboration with the Italian company FEI, the SOS Medical ID device allows responders to easily retrieve your medical and crucial data for a quick and efficient emergency assistance.
In fact, this device, thanks to NFC technology, allows to quickly access and send your personal info, medical data, and emergency contacts, just by using a smartphone.

In case you are involved in an accident and you are not able to communicate, the SOS Medical ID is there to speak for you.  Responders will be able to scan with their smartphone the SOS MEDICAL ID logo on your helmet in order to retrieve your crucial data and emergency contacts.

Just one simple operation and it’s possible to access all your stored medical info to simplify the operation of medical first aid and treatment.
Moreover, it’s possible to call your emergency contacts or quickly notify them of your location via SMS.

How does the CABERG SOS MEDICAL ID work?

It’s very simple to activate your SOS Medical ID system just with Android or Apple browser without having to download any app. Once you’ve purchased a Caberg helmet equipped with the SOS MEDICAL ID, these are the steps to follow:

Get your smartphone and place it close to the centre of the CABERG SOS MEDICAL ID logo;

Connect and sign-in: You’ll receive an NFC notification with a link that will direct you to page;

Enter your personal data: Create your account and enter your personal and medical data in order to connect your helmet. Moreover, you will be able to add your emergency contacts or family members you would like to alert if you feel sick with an emergency call or notify of your location via an SMS.

Please be sure to enter all the required data during the creation of your account, otherwise the CABERG SOS device won’t work!

Once you have completed the configuration of the SOS MEDICAL ID, your helmet will become even safer.

How to know if your smartphone has NFC technology

It’s very easy to check if your smartphone has NFC technology.

If you have an iPhone, all you need to know is that all models after iPhone 7 have NFC technology
If you have an Android smartphone, you need to go to settings. Search “NFC” in the search bar (if you don’t see it “slide” your finger from top to bottom). If you find any result, your phone has NFC. But don’t stop here, open the settings and enable the NFC to use our devices!

With the introduction of the SOS MEDICAL ID device, Caberg shows once again its’ commitment to improve safety standards through responsible innovation and grant more protection to its’ fellow riders.    

CABERG SOS MEDICAL ID and the brand-new DRIFT EVO II full-face helmet

The brad-new SOS MEDICAL ID system is now featured on the DRIFT EVO II helmet: the latest addition to the Caberg range.
With a sleek sport-inspired design and avant-garde technical solutions, the DRIFT EVO II helmet ensures also a high level of safety. The latest ECE 22.06 homologation standards combined with the brand-new SOS MEDICAL ID NFC device make your helmet safer and always ready for emergency assistance.

For more information about the CABERG SOS MEDICAL ID, please click here.

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