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Hudson Valley Motor Parts Motorcycle Bar End Weights | Gear Review

The Hudson Valley Motor Parts Motorcycle Bar End Weights provide a smoother and more enjoyable ride on my BMW R 1250 GS.

After nearly two decades aboard various generations of BMW’s venerable RT-Series sport-tourers, I recently decided to learn how to ride off-road and made the switch to a BMW R 1250 GS adventure-tourer The GS is surely a capable machine, but it’s not quite the glass-smooth operator my RT was on the highway. Though by no means offensive, the GS’s handlebar transmits a modicum of vibrations to the rider’s hands as the revs climb, and Hudson Valley Motor Parts Motorcycle Bar End Weights represent a compelling antidote to this. By adding copious mass to the bar ends, these weights effectively quell the sympathetic resonance which plagues all motorized two-wheelers to some degree.

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My HVMP test pair was perfectly finished in gloss black, with each bar end weighing a portly 8.9 ounces sans hardware and measuring 1.6 inches high by 1.5 inches in diameter at the base. For reference, the GS’s stock bar end weighs a scant 2.2 ounces sans hardware and measures 1 inch high by 1.5 inches in diameter at the base.

Stock BMW R 1250 GS bar ends (left) vs. Hudson Valley Motor Parts Bar End Weights (right)

Installation was a breeze and required only common hand tools. The GS’s stock bar ends must be removed by loosening the T45 Torx bolts which hold them in place. Then, they are replaced with the HVMP units, which are fastened via the included 6mm stainless Allen bolts. It’s a good idea to add some medium strength thread locking compound (Loctite or Permatex blue) to the bolt threads. Torque to 9 lb-ft, and you’re done. There is no interference whatsoever with the GS’s handguards, and the whole process takes less than 10 minutes for the pair.

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On the road, the HVMP motorcycle bar end weights had a dramatic effect on handlebar vibes throughout the entire rev range. The GS’s handlebar is now dead still below 4,000 rpm, and the buzz which used to emanate from the grips above 4,000 rpm is now reduced by what feels like 75%, making spirited riding and downshifting much more enjoyable. My GS’s grips are smoother now than my RT’s in stock form ever were.

For the modest investment and effort required for installation, the HVMP bar ends are a worthy addition for commuters, long distance travelers, riders with carpal tunnel syndrome and other related afflictions, and anyone else who desires less buzz in the bars. HVMP offers a wide selection of its American-made motorcycle bar end weights for various BMW and other brand models.

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