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How to clean your helmet visor: here is Caberg’s advice

Keeping your helmet visor clean and protected is essential for maintaining visibility and staying safe while you ride: let’s find out how to correctly clean your visor.

Whether you’re navigating through bustling city streets or enjoying the freedom of the open road, it’s inevitable that the visor gets dirty with debris, dust, and stains also as a result of adverse weather conditions;

Therefore, it’s essential to take care of your helmet and do the correct cleaning and maintenance operations, whenever needed.

We have already explained how to clean your helmet liner (here’s the article link), so now we will tackle the complete important and easy steps on how to clean your visor.

The importance of visor proper care and maintenance:

The helmet visor is crucial for your safety while riding, because it’s there to shield you from everything flying around in the air on the road such dust, bugs, and road debris, offering protection to your vision.

It’s inevitable therefore that while riding, the visor will accumulate dirt, bugs, muds, and this could seriously impair your vision and endanger your safety.

Therefore, to ensure your safety and a clear field of view, it is absolutely essential to take the time to clean and prepare your visor before every ride.

So, let’s see how to properly clean your visor.

How to properly clean the helmet visor

Two are the ways to clean the visor:

Basic cleaning
Accurate cleaning

Basic visor cleaning

Due to the dirt, it’s necessary to make frequent and quick basic cleaning of the visor. You just need warm soap water and a soft cloth or wet wipes specifically designed for helmet cleaning and remove the majority of the dirt.

Accurate cleaning

Occasionally a more accurate cleaning of the visor will be necessary in order to ensure that especially the dried dirt or grime is thoroughly removed.

When cleaning your visor, it is recommended to detach it and clean it separately from the helmet in order to reach each point. This should be an easy task, anyway we suggest you to first check the instruction manual available on our website under each Caberg helmet model page.

Once the visor is detached from the helmet, you have to check if your helmet model is equipped with an anti-fog lens, and in case remove it as well from the visor.

At this point you can start with the basic and quick cleaning of the dust on your visor using a wet wipe. Then you can proceed with a more accurate cleaning inside and out of the visor using a non-abrasive cloth and a specific helmet cleaning detergent to work on the dirt, gradually loosening it from the visor. If you do not have a specific helmet cleaning detergent, you can use a mild laundry detergent or mild soap. If there are dried-on bugs or dirt on your visor difficult to remove, you can soak the visor in a small basin with warm water.

Once the visor is clean, use a fresh towel or microfiber cloth to carefully dry it, to avoid halos and stains.

WARNING: do not attempt to clean the anti-fog lens, if present, with water or any mild detergent. You can gently clean the lens with a dry micorfibre cloth to avoid scratches.

Well, now you should know what are the steps for maintaining the visor cleanliness and ensuring optimal visibility.

Caberg helmets visors

The majority of the Caberg helmets are equipped with a clear anti-scratch visor and with, or ready for, the anti-fog lens. Moreover, most of our helmet models are also equipped with an integrated sun-shade visor for a better comfort.

The AVALON X with anti-scratch clear visor and inner sun shade visor

The LEVO X and HORUS X flip -up models feature a panoramic ultra-wide visor that allows the best fields of vision, ensuring an amplified visibility in the front part equal to 82°.

The LEVO X and HORUS X models

Moreover, to customize your Caberg helmet, for many of our models are available in after-market various dark (smoke) and mirrored visors.

Some of Caberg visors available in after-market

Are you intrigued to know more about the complete Caberg helmets range and visors available?


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