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Honda: 2022 CB500F, CB500X, And CBR500R Updates For Europe

Honda is slapping the CB500F, CB500X, And CBR500R with a boatload of upgrades – and Europeans countrywide are going to benefit from the new 2022 perks.

Honda tells that over 106,000 of these CB and CBR500 units were sold since the reveal of the bikes in 2013 – a number that reflects the huge popularity of the lineup.

2022 Honda CBR500R

The importance of drawing in such a diverse crowd of riders isn’t lost on the Japanese manufacturer, who has stated the following:

“Honda’s research …figures show that 45% of CB500F and 37% of CBR500R owners are new riders, with 45% and 60% respectively under the age of 34, illustrating how instrumental they have been in bringing new young riders to the world of two wheels.”

2022 Honda CB500X

“Conversely, over 75% of CB500X owners are experienced riders, with a further 15% having been drawn back to motorcycling by the all-around appeal offered by the compact adventurer with its rugged styling, long-travel suspension, and upright riding position.”

This is an important statistic to factor into the upgrades for this year, especially since the CB and CBR bikes have such a wide range of fans. 

From Left to Right: 2022 Honda CB500X, 2022 Honda CB500F, and the 2022 Honda CBR500R.

With the upgrades (new swingarms, inverted Showa 41mm SFF-BP forks, light wheels, dual front disc brakes, and retuned FI settings), Honda plans on giving the crowds a lighter, cleaner-handling bike with a little extra torque effort for their euros.

“Inherited from the four-cylinder CB650R and CBR650R middleweights,” says Honda, “new Showa 41mm SFF-BP USD forks are the highlights of the new front end set up, delivering improved handling and ride quality.”

2022 Honda CBR500R

“These are now matched to lighter Y spoke aluminum wheels on the CB500F and CBR500R, complete with new dual 296mm wavy front discs and radial-mounted Nissin calipers.”

“The adventure-focused CB500X shares the same new brake and suspension updates as its siblings and also features longer front suspension travel and a lighter, larger 19-inch front wheels.”

2022 Honda CB500X

As for the swingarm, we’re getting a unit that’s more flexible laterally but stiffer rotationally. 

The result? Bang-on handling, especially when dealing with titchy corners.

 “The punchy 500cc engine at the heart of each machine still produces the maximum 35kW allowed for the A2 license holder, but for 2022 it now features new PGM-FI settings to further enhance both torque feel and overall character.” 

2022 Honda CB500F

As for the paint choices, we’ve got a list:


Grand Prix Red

Pearl Smoky Gray

Mat Axis Gray Metallic

Pearl Dusk Yellow


Grand Prix Red

Matte Gunpowder Black Metallic (with a new set of track-loyal graphics!)


Grand Prix Red

Matte Gunpowder Black Metallic

Pearl Organic Green

2022 Honda CBR500R

Time will tell when the Western Hemisphere gets these upgrades – I’m personally jazzed to filth that we’ve got a sprinkle of gold in there with the color schemes.

2022 Honda CB500X

Enjoy the sun, and make sure to check out a pair of special edition bikes that Honda partnered with FCR Original to create.

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