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GoPro Set To Introduce Its Own Line of Helmets!


GoPro and Forcite Helmets jointly disclosed a significant development in the form of a signed acquisition agreement, wherein GoPro is set to acquire Forcite Helmet Systems. While the completion of the deal is pending, it is anticipated to finalise in the first quarter of this year.

Both companies outlined their collaborative strategy, with immediate plans for their teams to continue working together seamlessly. GoPro expressed its intention to expedite Forcite’s vision of enhancing the safety and dynamism of motorcycle experiences through technologically advanced helmets, with a long-term objective of extending this technology to other helmet categories.

Aside from developing a GoPro-branded line of helmets, the company announced plans to collaborate with other leading helmet brands to integrate technology into their products.

Forcite Helmets, in a statement, shared the excitement about the acquisition and the prospect of joining forces with GoPro to scale their businesses and foster innovation. The Forcite team expressed their eagerness to contribute to the collaboration, citing GoPro’s global brand recognition and digital imaging expertise.

GoPro plans to reveal more details about the acquisition during its upcoming earnings call with investors scheduled for February, offering a comprehensive overview of the strategic move and its anticipated impact on the company’s future endeavours.

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