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Flip Your Lid: Modular Helmet Buyers Guide

It’s no secret that full-face helmets provide better crash and weather protection than open-face helmets. However, it’s inconvenient to peel your helmet off every time you stop for a drink or need to talk to your riding partner. A modular helmet lets riders have the best of both worlds.

The chinbar on modular helmets provides most of the safety of a full-face helmet but also allows riders to flip up the chinbar when stopped for a quick chat or a smoke – wait, does anyone do that anymore? Modular helmets also allow for other conveniences like a drop-down sunshield and a Bluetooth communications system (usually optional).

To be sold in the U.S., helmets must meet safety standards set by the Department of Transportation. All the helmets on this list meet those requirements, indicated by the DOT sticker on the back, and some even meet the requirements of stricter ECE standards.

If you’re considering a modular helmet, this list was curated for you. Each helmet has different features, styles, prices, and weights, so we’ve boiled all of that down for a quick comparison to help you find the helmet that best suits your needs. More color options and details are available on the manufacturers’ websites, but this list should give you an idea of the options available to you. Ride safe, and ride on!

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AGV SportModular Modular Helmet

The AGV SportModular combines the convenience of a flip-up helmet with the lightness and strength of a carbon-fiber shell, offering the same impact absorption as AGV’s top-of-the-line racing helmets. The interior has a multi-density EPS liner and a removable, washable, moisture-wicking, antibacterial comfort liner with a reversible crown pad (one side breathes and the other insulates). The faceshield is Pinlock-equipped, scratch resistant, and locking, and a drop-down sunshield is also included. Available in sizes XS-3XL starting at $859.95. Weight: 3.2 lb (size M).

Fly Racing Odyssey Adventure Modular Helmet

The Fly Racing Odyssey Adventure can be used for both ADV riding and street riding, with a flip-up chinbar and a removable peak visor. It features a polycarbonate outer shell and a dual-density EPS liner. The moisture-wicking Quick-Dry liner is removable and washable. The faceshield has a hard coating to resist scratches and a fog-resistant interior coating. A drop-down sunshield is also included. Vents in the chinbar and crown, along with an exhaust vent in the rear spoiler, provide comfortable airflow. Available in sizes XS-2XL starting at $279.95. Weight: 4.3 lb (size M).

GMAX MD-01 Modular Helmet

The GMAX MD-01 was made for cross-country adventures, featuring eleven vents and a CoolMax liner to keep riders comfortable even on the hottest days. The exterior is a poly alloy shell, while the SpaSoft interior works to wick moisture away. A multifunction integrated LED rear light ensures you’ll be seen by traffic. Also included are a drop-down sunshield with an anti-fog coating, a breath deflector, a chin curtain, and speaker pockets. This helmet is DOT and ECE approved. Available in sizes XS-3XL starting at $219.95. Weight: 4.1 lb (size L). 

HJC i100 Modular Helmet

HJC’s i100 is different than other modular helmets in that it features a full-rotation chinbar for both open- and full-face riding modes, and it’s P/J homologated for both. An integrated sunvisor is cable-operated from the left side of the shell, which is composed of HJC’s Advanced Polycarbonate material. The i100 is engineered with optimal balance and weight distribution for all-day riding comfort and connects with the SMART HJC Bluetooth systems (10B and 20B). Available in sizes XS-2XL starting at $319.99. Weight: 4.1 lb (size M).

HJC RPHA 91 Modular Helmet

The top-of-the-line HJC RPHA 91 features a Premium Integrated Matrix EVO shell to enhance shock resistance, a distortion-free faceshield with increased peripheral view, and a drop-down sunshield. The chinbar has a hidden closure point for smooth contact and less pressure in the cheek area, and the 3D-engineered interior reduces wind noise. The RPHA 91 is compatible with the second-gen Smart HJC Bluetooth system and other comms systems. Available in sizes XS-2XL starting at $549.99. Weight: 3.8 lb (size M).

Schuberth C5 Modular Helmet

Schuberth’s C5 is a clean-sheet design that’s a leap forward in comfort, fit, and function. The shell is made of DFP fiberglass reinforced with a basalt layer for strength, and the EPS liner provides improved shock absorption. It meets the latest ECE 22.06 helmet safety standard and is homologated for use in both the open and closed positions. It has a washable comfort interior, a washable chin filter, customizable internal padding, a drop-down sunshield, and pre-installed hardware for the SC2 comms system. Available in sizes XS-3XL starting at $749. Weight: 3.6 lb (size M).

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Modular Helmet

Functioning as both a full-face ADV helmet and a touring helmet, the Scorpion EXO-AT950 features a polycarbonate outer shell, a dual-density EPS layer, and a removable peak visor. The oversized eye port provides better peripheral and downward visibility. A drop-down sunshield is included, and the removable and washable KwikWick II liner helps keep the rider comfortable. Removing the no-fog Everclear faceshield allows goggles to be worn for off-road use. Available in sizes XS-3XL starting at $274.95. Weight: 3.9 lb (size M).

Scorpion EXO-GT930 Transformer Modular Helmet

The Scorpion EXO-GT930 Transformer can be used as either a modular or an open-face helmet. The chinbar and faceshield are removable, the included peak visor can be added in open-face mode, and the drop-down sunshield can be used in either mode. The shell is polycarbonate, and the multidensity EPS liner absorbs impact energy. On the inside, the KwikWick liner is removable and washable. This helmet integrates with the Exo-Com comms system and is compatible with other comms systems. Available in sizes XS-3XL starting at $249.95. Weight: 3.8 lb (size L).

Sedici Sistema II Modular Helmet

The Sedici Sistema II features an outer shell made of fiberglass and aramid fiber, and the dual-density EPS liner is channeled for efficient airflow. The sunshield is easily deployed with a glove-friendly slider, and it has a moisture-wicking, removable, and washable interior with antimicrobial treatment. Fit is customizable with small panels of padding at the forehead and temples. Ventilation is provided by a forehead intake vent, a chin vent, and three rear exhaust vents. Available in sizes XS-3XL starting at $259.99. Weight: 3.7 lb (size L).

SMK Gullwing Modular Helmet

SMK’s Gullwing features P/J homologation that allows it to be used in both open and closed positions. The Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell has an abrasion-resistant finish, the interior comfort liner is anti-static and moisture-wicking, fit is intermediate oval, and there are crown, chin, and rear vents. The faceshield is double-glass, extra-wide, and ready for the included Pinlock 70 anti-fog lens. It also features a retractable sunshield, wind stops, a breath deflector, and a quick-release strap. Available in sizes S-4XL starting at $155.99. Weight: 3.8 lb (size L).

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