Custom Indian Chief Contest for Punta International Courchevel

Indian Motorcycle sets the stage for a showcase of customisation excellence by announcing the Indian Chief Contest that will feature at the 15th edition of Punta International Courchevel in the heart of the French Alps, July 5-7, 2024.

Since its origin 15 years ago, Punta Courchevel has become an unmissable international event, a world-renowned bike show where Chopper, Bobber, Clubstyle, and Performance Baggers climb the most beautiful roads in Europe to reach Courchevel at an altitude of 1,850 meters.

With customisers always in mind during the development of the model, the Indian Chief is easy to work on and the very best modern canvas for creative expression. With the Indian Chief Contest, Indian Motorcycle owners, bike builders, and official dealers from across Europe are invited to be a part of this legendary show and demonstrate their ingenuity and skill in three distinct categories:

Custom Indian Chief Contest for Punta International Courchevel

Street Legal: In this category, participants must adhere to regulations while showcasing their customisation prowess. In addition to paint, only approved parts that comply with legal standards are permitted, challenging contestants to blend innovation with compliance seamlessly.

Customers: Designed exclusively for Indian Motorcycle owners, this category celebrates the artistry of amateur enthusiasts. From subtle modifications to bold transformations, participants are encouraged to unleash their creativity and personalise their Indian Chief motorcycles.

Open: Reserved for professional bike builders and official dealers, the Open category grants participants unrestricted freedom in customisation. Here, imagination knows no bounds as contestants push the boundaries of design, engineering, and innovation to create truly unique and awe-inspiring masterpieces.

However, in keeping with the Punta International regulations, there is one key criteria to all classes; each creation must be in full working order to be ridden on the descent to the Alpinium and the ascent to the Altiport during the event on Saturday July 6, 2024.The Indian Chief Contest is open to participants from France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. With a diverse array of talent and perspectives converging, the event promises to be a celebration of the vibrant biking culture and the spirit of individuality.

Custom Indian Chief Contest for Punta International Courchevel

Participants must register before June 15th. For more information on registration and contest terms, conditions, and prizes, please click on the links below:


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