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CFMoto Ibex 450 – Will it Come Here?


The CFMoto Ibex 450 was launched last month in the US, and with a very attractive price tag to add. So, question is will it come here?

CFMoto first showed off the 450MT sport-tourer at EICMA in November 2023, and followed up by renaming it to the Ibex 450 soon after. The US market will receive it as a 2025 model.

By the way, an “ibex” is a wild mountain goat with thick long horns that are found in Central Asia and Ethiopia. So as the name suggests, the CFMoto Ibex 450 is a lightweight adventure motorcycle.


449cc parallel-twin engine, shared with the 450SS sportbike, 450NK naked bike, and the upcoming 450CL-C cruiser.
The powerplant produces 44 hp at 8,500 RPM and 44 Nm of torque at 6,250 RPM.
Being tuned for adventure and touring duties, that maximum power figure is 6 hp lower and peaks at 1,000 RPM lower compared to the 450SS and 450NK.
The engine also uses the now ubiquitous 270-degree crank configuration and dual counterbalancers.
Power is sent through a slipper clutch and six-speed gearbox.
The engine is carried by a chromoly steel tube frame.
Long travel KYB suspension provides a generous 203mm of travel.
Conversely, the seat height is only 820mm.
The front suspension is fully adjustable and the rear monoshock is adjustable for preload and rebound.
A four-piston, radially-mounted J.Juan caliper grabs a single 320mm disc in the front.

The bike rolls on spoked 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels.

Bosch ABS is standard for both fronts, but the rear can be turned off.
The traction control system is also governed by a Bosch ECU, and it can be turned off or off from the dash.
A 5-inch curved TFT display with smartphone connectivity, and wirelessly updated.
Other features include an adjustable windscreen, LED lighting, an aluminum skid plate, fold-away mirrors, and a USB-C charging point.

The bike was designed by Kiska, the same folks who designed KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas motorcycles, since CFMoto is in partnership with KTM anyway.

In closing, we do hope that this bike gets here since the adventure and touring market is still growing.

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